Apex Legends Searches

If you’ve read our 2018 Year in Review, you already know that Fortnite was one of the year’s top searches on Pornhub. In 2019, Fortnite continues to be our top game related search with a daily average of 151,000.

But Fortnite may have some new competition from Apex Legends, which launched February 4th with no prior announcement or marketing. Inverse asked the Insights team if the new game has had any effect on Pornhub’s searches.

On February 6th we found just 800 searches for Apex Legends. A week later searches exceeded 10,000 per day and by February 18th our statisticians recorded a peak of 357,701 searches on a single day, more than double that of Fortnite.

In the days since, Apex Legends searches have settled to around 100,000 per day, but combined they have gone from zero to 2.27 million searches in 22 days.

The most popular Apex Legends related searches include “Apex Legends porn”, “Apex Legends hentai” and “Apex legends Wraith”.

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