Apple Special Event: Traffic by the Minute

Apple’s annual Special Event is streamed live to millions of people worldwide, and this year Pornhub’s statisticians were ready to capture all the excitement through data.

Our Insights for the 2016 and 2017 Apple events relied on hourly traffic from Google Analytics, but this year our statisticians captured actual pageviews as they occurred on our servers so we could break down traffic changes by the minute!

We then compared pageviews during each minute of the event to the exact same time on the three previous Wednesdays to find the percent change from average. Our friends from Cnet helped us out by breaking down the event timeline.

The resulting data reveals that people using Apple devices are far more interested in seeing Apple’s latest tech compared to people using non-Apple devices. During the event, traffic from Apple iOS devices dropped an average of -7% while only -2.1% on non-Apple devices (the majority of which are Android based).

By the minute we can see what parts of the event were more likely to draw in viewers (and take them away from Pornhub). As the event began at 1pm Eastern, Pornhub’s traffic dipped by nearly -10% on Apple devices and -3.7% on non-Apple.  The first part of the show focused on the new Apple Watch, which seems to have had less impact on Pornhub’s traffic. Perhaps those not interested in wearables figured they had 10 minutes to spend on Pornhub while they waited to see the new iPhones.

As the Apple event switched to the big iPhone reveal, Pornhub’s pageviews dropped by -11.3% on Apple devices and -4.4% on Android. Traffic remained below average over the next 40 minutes as the shiny new phones and their fancy new processors were pitched. Talk of the iPhone XS supporting Dual SIMs (a long-time exclusive of Android devices) seems to have peaked the interested of some non-Apple users.

As the discussion turned to Apple’s environmental impact, traffic again returned to Pornhub briefly, then dropped again as soon as the new colorful iPhone XR models were revealed. This caused pageviews from Apple based devices to dip as much as -11.5%.

As the live event wrapped up, traffic steadily returned to Pornhub. While non-Apple users didn’t seem particularly impacted, we found that post-event traffic from Apple devices was well above average following the event.

Pornhub Insights has used per-minute data based on pageviews before. Check out our Hawaii Missile Alert Insights to see what happens to porn viewership when people think they have just minutes to live — and then when they find out the warning was a mistake.

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Belgium Insights

De Morgen recently asked Pornhub’s statisticians to see how porn consumption in Belgium compares to that of other countries. Belgium ranks 19th for traffic coming to Pornhub, an impressive feat considering it ranks 80th worldwide for population. For pageviews per capita, that puts Belgium into Pornhub’s Top 15 countries. Belgium’s highest traffic day of the week is Monday, while most of the world prefers Sunday. Friday is the lowest traffic day, the same as it is in most countries.

The most popular search term in Belgium is “MILF”, followed by “Lesbian” and “French”. In our 2017 Year in Review we found that Belgium’s top two terms were “francaise” and “french”, indicating that they have fallen a few positions in favor of other go-to genres.

Belgiums favorite categories once again are Lesbian and MILF, followed by Anal, Mature and Big Tits.

When compared to the rest of the world, visitors from Belgium are 166% more likely to view the French category, 69% more into Orgy, 63% for Babe and 47% for Old/Young.

Belgium’s most searched pornstar is Riley Reid, followed by Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa.

Belgium has a much higher proportion of female visitors at 31% compared to the world average of 26%. The average age of visitors is 38 years old, compared to the worldwide average of 35, with those aged 25 to 34 making up the largest overall age group at 31% of visitors.

More than half of visitors from Belgium are still using desktop computers, compared to only 24% worldwide. While smartphone usage seems to be rather low in Belgium, they do have a much higher percentage of tablet users at 14% compared to only 9% worldwide.

The average visitor from Belgium spends 10 minutes and 10 seconds each time they visit Pornhub. Some cities take a bit more time, such as those visiting from Schaerbeek, Liege and Anderlecht who all need an extra 20 seconds. Visitors from Brussels come and go a full 47 seconds faster than the Belgian national average.


Over time, our statisticians have found that regardless of location, people are pretty regular about when the times they choose to visit Pornhub. So major holidays and events can often have a dramatic effect on Pornhub traffic.  In Belgium, traffic increases by 7% on New Years Day, but drops by -2% on the Belgian National Holiday in July.

During the World Cup, Belgian traffic dropped as much as -56% during the elimination games, but as shown in our World Cup Final Insights, Belgium’s traffic only dropped by -12% while neighboring France beat Croatia.

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Extreme Category Insights

Men’s Health asked Pornhub’s statisticians to look into the popularity of our more extreme video categories. It’s hard to say what makes a particular video “extreme”. What one person might consider “hardcore” might seem like perfectly standard sex to someone else. None-the-less, Pornhub has several categories that might be considered extreme, including the three we’re looking at in this edition of Insights: Hardcore, Fetish and Rough-Sex.

Our statisticians noted that all three of these categories have been on the decline in recent years. We can’t say for sure why this might be, but over the same time period interest in real sex including model and amateur videos has been increasing. Out of 90 available categories, Rough Sex presently ranks 35, Fetish ranks 69 and Hardcore ranks 33.

Proportionately, men are 7% more likely to view the Fetish category when compared to women. When compared to other age groups, Fetish videos are less popular with millennials between the ages of 18 to 35. Fetish popularity is highest with visitors aged 45 to 64.

Hardcore videos are 75% more popular with women compared to men. Millennials between the ages of 18 to 34 are also more likely to watch Hardcore videos when compared to older age groups. Visitors over the age of 55% are -17% the least likely to view Hardcore videos when compared to all other age groups.

Just as we found in our 2017 Year in Review, women are far more likely to view Rough Sex videos than men. Our latest data shows that proportionately, women are 63% more interested in the Rough Sex category. Once again it’s millennials aged 18 to 34 who are more likely to view Rough Sex videos. Visitors over the age of 35 are less interested in Rough Sex, especially those over the age of 65 who are -22% less interested.

We hope you enjoyed this extreme edition of Pornhub Insights. Be sure to check out our other recent Insights including Feeder Fetish and Wedgie Fetish.

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Slovenia Insights

The country of Slovenia ranks only 148th worldwide for population, but manages to turn in a respectable rank of 73rd for traffic to Pornhub. asked Pornhub’s statisticians to take a closer look at the porn preferences of their country.

Slovenians most often visit Pornhub on Sunday, and least often on Saturday. The most searched for terms in Slovenia are the same as the world’s favorites, “lesbian” and “milf”. In third place is “slovenia”, once again proving that people enjoy seeing videos featuring their neighbors.

As with the favorite searches, visitors from Slovenia most enjoy watching Lesbian videos, however Mature just edges out the MILF and Anal categories.

When compared to the rest of the world, Slovenians are 118% more likely to view the Czech category, 82% more into Fisting, 73% more into Mature videos and 63% more into Fetish.

Lana Rhoades is the most searched for pornstar in Slovenia, followed by Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann and Nicole Aniston.

Slovenia has a high proportion of female visitors at 37% compared to the worldwide average of 26%. While the average age of Slovenia’s visitors is 35 years old, the single largest age group visiting Pornhub is 25-34. Slovenia has a much smaller proportion of 18-24 year old visitors than other countries we have studied. To see how age proportions differ in other countries, please visit our 2017 Year in Review.

Over one third of Slovenians still prefer using a desktop computer to visit Pornhub, but we’ve found steady growth in the use of smartphones over the last few years. Still, the worldwide average for mobile use is nearing 80%.

The average visitor from Slovenia spends 10 minutes and 42 seconds on Pornhub, which is 43 seconds longer than the worldwide average. In some parts of Slovenia visitors can hold out even longer. In Skofja Loka, visit duration is 36 seconds longer than the national average.

Nearly 5% of visitors from Slovenia view gay (male) oriented content. That’s about 20% lower than the worldwide average of 6% gay pageviews. Slovenia’s top gay search term is “Czech”, followed by “Slovenia”, “Daddy” and “Twink”.

The most often viewed category of gay videos in Slovenia is “Daddy”, followed by “Straight Guys”, “Twink” and “Bareback”.

Slovenia’s gay visitors are 98% more likely to view the Fetish category compared to gay visitors elsewhere in the world. They are also 74% more likely to view Public videos, 51% more into Mature and 48% more into Amateur.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Stay tuned as we tour more of Central Europe and around the world!

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Bigfoot Erotica

The last few years have taught us to expect the unexpected when it comes to politics in the United States. We’re pretty open minded here at Pornhub, but none of us were expecting that Bigfoot pornography would be at the center of a contentious race for a U.S. House of Representatives seat in Virginia.

When a Democratic candidate accused her Republican opponent of being “a devotee of Bigfoot erotica”, it caused tens of thousands of curious people to visit Pornhub to see if such a thing actually exists. Searches containing “bigfoot” shot up over 8000% on July 30th. Perhaps more unexpected, was that hundreds of “devotees” were searching for bigfoot porn every day, even before it was thrust into the political spotlight.

As for Virginia, residents there are 38% more likely to search for “bigfoot” compared to the U.S. average.

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Kiara Mia Searches

TMZ captured 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on a Beverly Hills date with busty Pornstar Kiara Mia (NSFW). Kiara is one of Pornhub’s most popular latina pornstars, with over 62 million views of her videos. After news of her date hit the internet on July 19th, she has racked up over 200,000 searches in just 24 hours — a massive 2309% increase over her daily average!

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2018 World Cup Final

The 2018 World Cup finals wrapped up on Sunday, July 15th as France beat Croatia with a final score of 4 to 2. Just as we saw with our previous 2018 World Cup Insights, traffic to Pornhub can drop significantly when fans tune in to watch their country’s team play. Mashable checked in to see if the final match saw even bigger traffic drops from France, Croatia and elsewhere in the world.

Just prior to kick off, traffic in France was down -24% while Croatia dipped -46%. Croatia’s traffic remained lower throughout the game, dropping as much as -68% in the first hour, but began to recover in the second hour, just as traffic from France continued to drop. Perhaps some Croatians had given up hope of seeing their team win, while more fans in France tuned in to see their team become victorious for the first time in 20 years.

After the game ended, traffic remained much lower than average in France for several hours, while traffic recovered quickly in Croatia and rose by +7% above average. Perhaps Croatian fans were looking to cheer themselves up, while those in France were too busy celebrating.

While Sunday’s final may have been a disappointment for Croatians, the 2018 World Cup gave them plenty of chances to celebrate. The following chart illustrates how traffic changed during each match leading up to the final. The final match had the lowest overall traffic drop, but when the semi-final against England went into extra time, traffic plummeted by -70% as all eye were glued to the game. Indeed, each time a match went into extra time, traffic saw a significant drop.

None of France’s games went into extra time, but they still saw big drops during each match. The semi-final game against Belgium saw almost as many fans tune out of Pornhub to watch their team play.

Worldwide, Pornhub’s traffic dipped -11% during the match, but many countries took a particular interest in watching the game. As you would expect, Croatia and France had the biggest drops of -66% and -55% respectively, but Venezuela matched France also at -55%. The next biggest drops came from Bulgaria (-45%), Slovenia (-40%), Hong Kong and Switzerland (both -33%).

If we look at the list of countries that regularly being the most traffic to Pornhub, traffic from the United States only dropped -5% during the game. European countries saw much larger drops including the United Kingdom (-12%), Germany (-21%), Italy (-25%) and Spain (-26%). Canada’s overall traffic dropped by -6%, but traffic in the French speaking province of Quebec was down over double at at -12%.


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Fortnite Season 5

Since the launch of Fortnite Battle Royal in September 2017, searches containing “fortnite” have grown steadily on Pornhub.

As detailed in our earlier Fortnite Insights, searches had previously peaked on March 15 after Drake played the game live on Twitch. Since then, Fortnite has remained in Pornhub’s Top 20 searches, with an average of over 100,000 unique searches every day!

July 12 began Season 5, so Forbes asked Pornhub’s statisticians to see if the new updates had any effect on searches.

We found that searches grew in the days leading up to the anticipated launch, then gained an impressive +49% on July 12. That brought “fortnite” into Pornhub’s Top 15 most popular search terms.

Fortnite fans anxious to try the new updates crowded the game’s servers, causing them to crash and go offline around 9pm (ET). It’s seems that when gamers couldn’t connect to play with their online friends, they instead went to Pornhub to play with themselves.

After the servers went down, searches containing “fortnite” increased by +116% when compared to the same time period on an average day.

This wasn’t the first time a server crash caused a change in Pornhub’s “fortnite“ search levels. On April 11 Fortnite’s servers were down for nearly a day, causing a +60% increase in searches, as detailed in our Fortnite Server Outage Insights.

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World Cup 2018: Country vs Country

The 2018 World Cup kicked off June 14th and because the tournament lasts a full month, it gave Pornhub’s statisticians and our friends at Metro UK a treasure-trove of data to study from all over the world. After the first match began, searches for both “football” and “soccer” doubled and continue to remain much higher than average.

Search growth certainly shows that Pornhub fans have an increased interest in soccer, but where does that interest go when their country’s team is playing a match? Are people willing to give up Pornhub time in favor of game time? And what countries have the biggest fans who are most willing to give up porn to see their teams play? Read on to find out!

Pornhub’s statisticians first looked at all of the qualifying matches to find the average traffic drop by country when their teams were playing a game. The change was compared to the same time period on an average day two weeks before the World Cup tournament began.

Senegal topped our charts of the most soccer obsessed country, where Pornhub’s traffic fell an average of -47% while their team was playing. They’re followed closely by -45% drops in Iran, -42% in Iceland, and -40% in both Croatia and Morocco.

At the bottom of the list with less than 10% drops in traffic are France, Costa Rica, Russia and Australia.

During the knockout matches, Pornhub’s statisticians looked at each of the playing countries during the game to see which country was more likely to tune in to see if their team made it to the next stage.

During Match 1, Pornhub’s traffic from Uruguay dropped a massive -61% and fans were rewarded by seeing their team win. During Match 2, traffic drops in France and Argentina were nearly identical at -35% and -36%. Nearly identical drops were also recorded between Croatia and Denmark in Match 4, and Colombia and England in Match 8. The biggest difference between countries was found in Match 5, with a -33% traffic drop in Brazil versus a -12% drop in Mexico.

Stay tuned for more World Cup Insights to come. To see how other sports events can cause fluctuations in Pornhub traffic be sure to check out our other insights like Super Bowl 52, 2018 Winter Olympics, 2016 Summer Olympics, NBA Finals and MLB World Series.

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Sneaker Fetish

Pornhub Insights has delved into lots of interesting fetishes over the years, including Feederism, Wedgies, Golden Showers, Cuckolding, Spectrophilia, Bronies and even Clowns. In today’s edition of Insights, we’re joined by the editorial team at SSENSE to dive feet first into the sneaker fetish.

Here you’ll find our usual Insights into the data, but we encourage you to visit SSENSE for their featured article entitled The Data of Desire, which examines the relationship between fashion and human sexuality.

Let’s begin by taking a look at where sneakers fall into the full range of apparel related porn searches. As you might expect, searches for “panties” take the number one spot. They’re followed by “yoga pants”, which you can learn more about in our Yoga Porn Insights. Next come “lingerie”, “bikinis” and “dresses”. Feet make their first appearance in 6th with “heels”, followed closely by “socks” in 7th. “Boots” walk in at 13th, and “sneakers” just sneak into the top 20 at 19th.

We’ve focused today’s fashion insights on sneakers because nearly half of Pornhub’s top brand-name searches are best known for their footwear. These include brands like “Converse”, “Nike”, “Adidas” and “Vans”.

Pornhub’s statisticians found that proportionately, male visitors are 55% more likely to search for sneaker porn compared to women. Visitors to Pornhub Gay pages are 1124% more likely to search for sneakers compared to non-gay visitors.

When compared to all other age groups, visitors between the ages of 35 to 44 are the most likely search for sneakers, by a margin of +18%. Visitors above the age of 55 are far less likely to search for sneakers compared to those under 55.

The number one sneaker related search is “sneaker worship”, followed by “converse sneakers” and “sneaker sex”. Treading further down the list, we find that “sneaker trample” is popular, along with searches like “sneaker lick”, “smell sneakers” and “sneaker ballbusting”. Ouch!

Because gay men seem particularly interested in sneakers, our statisticians looked at Pornhub Gay searches to see how they compared. The number one gay search is “sneaker sex” followed by “french sneaker”.

Nike appears to be the preferred brand among gay men, with “nike sneakers” outranking “converse sneakers”. Other sneaker searches unique to the Pornhub Gay site include “sneakers bareback”, “sneaker slave”, “sneaker twinks”, “sneaker master” and “studs and sneakers”.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that “polish sneakers” ranks high since our statisticians found that Warsaw, Poland was the city most likely to search for sneakers. It’s followed by Berlin, Milan, Prague and Paris. Twenty of the top thirty sneaker searching cities are located in Europe. Sao Paulo, Brazil ranks 11th, Montreal, Canada is 16th and Adelaide, Australia is 24th.

The North East appears to be the center of sneaker searches across the United States. Although Columbus, Ohio ranks highest among cities, the state of  Massachusetts is proportionately the most likely to search for sneakers, followed by Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Sneaker searches are least popular in Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Here’s another interesting tidbit Pornhub’s statisticians discovered. Our anonymized statistics come from Google Analytics, which also reports advertising related data like what types of products visitors may be “in-market” for, based on their recent search history (outside of Pornhub). This data shows that Pornhub’s sneaker searching visitors are most likely to be actively shopping for Shoes, Boots and Athletic-wear (ahead of all other product types).

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