Squirting Searches

Squirting is a term used to describe female ejaculation, and it’s popular category and search on Pornhub. The popularity of squirting videos (nsfw) increased drastically between 2013 and 2015, and has remained as one of Pornhub’s Top 20 categories of videos. Our friends at Clued In asked Pornhub’s statisticians to strap on their goggles and take a close up look at squirting.

Women are 44% more likely to search for squirting videos compared to men, while the popularity of squirting decreases with age. Visitors between the ages of 18-24 are 7% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups, while those over the age of 65 are proportionately 32% less likely to be interested in squirting videos.

Visitors from Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Nebraska are proportionately the most interested in searching for squirting videos. Visitors from California, New Jersey, Maryland and New York are the least interested in squirting.

Worldwide, visitors from Colombia are far more likely to search for squirting videos than in other countries, as are visitors from South Africa, Venezuela, Vietnam and Slovakia.

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Italian Women vs Men

Today, Pornhub Insights once again brings you on a magical journey into the eternal struggle between the sexes. Previously, we’ve looked at Women’s Favorite Searches, Colombian Women, Irish Women, Scaninavian Women and even the interactions between Women and Technology. But today, we’re continuing our female friendly trip around the world with an insightful look at the women of Italy along with our friends at Il Messaggero.

( Click here to read in Italian )

In the two Italian maps below, we can see the top relative categories for Italian Men and Women, that is to say the category that is more likely to be watched by each gender in one region when compared to all others.

The main thing we can see is that in both maps there is a big difference between the North and the South of Italy. The centre/southern part is more “traditional”, with “Italian” as top relative categories in Campania (+23% for women, +29% for men), Basilicata (+41% for women, 53% for men), and also Sardinia’s people that probably feel all alone in the island and always think about their “Italian” friends in the mainland (+ 29% for women, + 13% for men).

Meanwhile, in the Northern part, both male and female visitors looks to prefer a little less “traditional” sex. They like: Anal (+38% in Friuli Venezia Giulia for women, + 24% in Liguria for men), bondage (+17% in Veneto for girls, +28% in Piemonte for boys), transgender (In Liguria, +25% for women), and threesome (+26% in Friuli Venezia Giulia for men).

In Lombardia our male visitors have been enchanted by the Ebony charm (+17%), and our female visitors by a category that represent how beautiful they are: babe category (+25%)

Our nasty friends from Emilia-Romagna love to have fun: ladies like very much Hentai (+21%) and gentlemen prefer the Double Penetration (+17%).

And what about the small region of Molise? It’s courious that men favourite category is Teen (+63%), meanwhile in the same region women prefer to watch…Mature! (+58%)

The comparison between the most viewed categories by Italian women and men is quite clear: every Italian loves Mamma! In fact Milf and Mature are among the most watched categories in both sexes, overtaken just by Italian category, that is the favourite one for everybody.

For further information about Italian’s Love for Moms, you can check our earlier Insight post.

Pussy licking is the category viewed more often by Italian women when compared to Men (we can’t blame you girls!), and the corresponding category for men is Amateur, because who needs professional pornstars when you have such beautiful and hot compatriots?

Italian Version

Pornhub Insight oggi vi accompagna nell’affascinante viaggio della lotta tra sessi. In particolare, l’eterna lotta tra uomini e donne…italiani!
Infatti, abbiamo passato un po’ di tempo a studiare l’Italia insieme ai nostri amici de Il Messaggero, ed ecco cosa abbiamo scoperto.

Nelle due cartine dell’Italia qui sotto trovate per ogni regione la categoria più guardata rispetto a tutte le altre regioni (top relative categories)
dagli uomini e dalle donne del Bel Paese.

La prima cosa che è possibile notare in entrambe le cartine è la grande differenza tra il Nord e il Sud dell’Italia. Il Centro/Sud risulta essere più tradizionalista: “Italian” è la categoria relativa più guardata in Campania (+23% per le donne, +29% per gli uomini), Basilicata (+41% per le donne, 53% per gli uomini), e anche in Sardegna (+29% per le donne, +13% per gli uomini).

Invece al Nord gli italiani sembrano apprezzare di più il sesso “trasgressivo”: Anal (+38% in Friuli Venezia Giulia per le donne, + 24% in Liguria per gli uomini), Bondage (+17% in Veneto per le ragazze, +28% in Piemonte per i ragazzi), Transgender (In Liguria, +25% per le donne), e Threesome (+26% in Friuli Venezia Giulia per gli uomini).

In Lombardia gli uomini sono rimasti ammaliati dal fascino dell’”Ebony” (+17%), mentre le donne cercano qualcosa che rappresenti la loro bellezza: la categoria “Babe” (+25%).

I nostri amici dell’Emilia-Romagna si divertono: le signorine apprezzano molto l’Hentai (+21%) e i gentiluomini preferiscono la Double Penetration (+17%).

Cosa dire del Molise? È curioso che la categoria preferita dagli uomini sia “Teen” (+63%), mentre nella stessa regione le donne preferiscono guardare la categoria…Mature! (+58%)

Il confronto tra le categorie più viste dalle donne e dagli uomini italiani è abbastanza chiaro: in Italia tutti amano la Mamma!
Infatti “Milf” e “Mature” sono tra le categorie più guardate da ambo i sessi, superate solo dalla categoria “Italian”, che è per entrambi la preferita in assoluto.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulla passione tutta italiana per le milf, potete dare un’occhiata al nostro post sull’argomento.

“Pussy licking” è la categoria più vista dalle donne italiane rispetto agli uomini (ragazze, come biasimarvi!), e la corrispondente categoria maschile è “Amateur”: chi ha bisogno di pornostar quando le tue vicine di casa sono così belle e sexy?

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Happy Halloween Insights

For most people, Halloween is a day to step out of their normal routine and enjoy a bit of fantasy — which also happens to be a great reason to visit Pornhub on any day of the year. So it’s no surprise that fantasy and costume related searches increase drastically each October 31st. We’ve covered such changes on other holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and Easter, so our statisticians jumped at the chance to dig up some spooky stats for Halloween.

Before we jump into sexy searches, let’s take a look at how Halloween affects traffic to Pornhub.  Millennials aged 18-34 see an average amount of traffic during the day, but then begins to drop off around 4pm when it’s time to suit-up in costumes. Millennial traffic dips by 27% around 7pm when trick-or-treating is in full effect and remains below average until Midnight. When the costumes finally come off, traffic shoots 15% above average around 3am.

Traffic from visitors over the age of 35 is quite different on Halloween. Earlier in the day it’s up to 10% above average, with a dip of only 13% at 7pm. Traffic returns to normal after 9pm and remains average throughout the evening.

Traffic changes also vary between male and female visitors. Women are less likely to visit Pornhub on Halloween eve than men, with female traffic dropping by a massive 32% at 7pm, compared to a 26% drop for men. After midnight, women head back to Pornhub in droves, with a 30% increase in female traffic at 3am. Men are also more active at night, but only peaking by 12% at 3am compared to an average day.

As you would expect, many Halloween related searches increase on October 31st. Searches for “halloween sex” increase by 3369% above average levels, along with a 2582% increase in “trick or treat” searches and 1981% for “halloween”. We also see 1925% more interest in “costume fantasy” and 1254% growth in “costume orgy”. Some more creative terms that are popular on Halloween include “dirty maid” and “lesbian witch”.

While most of these stats are based on results from Halloween in 2016, our statisticians decided to look at some current “costume” and “cosplay” searches to see what might make good sexy costumes for Halloween 2017. Searches containing “teacher”, “maid” and “nurse” are consistently popular, along with “police” and “cop”, and any costumes involving “cat”, “kitty” or “kitten”. Superhero searches are a big hit — although we feel spandex should only be worn under ideal circumstances, and many popular video game characters are often searched with cosplay.

On October 31st of last year, searches containing “halloween” were up 1173% and remained higher than average through the first week of November.

“Costume” is a popular search on Pornhub year round, so an increase of 189% on October 31 makes it one of the top daily searches.

Different types of porn appeal to different people, so what some might consider “sexy”, others might find “scary”. But on Halloween day, searches containing “scary” are none the less up by over 200%.

When done right, dressing as a Zombie for Halloween can be both scary and sexy at the same time. In 2016, we found a 215% increase in searches containing “zombie” on October 31st, with much higher than average searches in the week before and after the holiday.

Searches containing “vampire” were also much more popular around Halloween, with a 170% increase on October 31st.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Happy Halloween, and we hope to see you on Pornhub when it’s time to jack-(off)-o-lantern your hallo-weenie!

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Ireland Traffic During Hurricane Ophelia

On October 16, Hurricane Ophelia battered Ireland with it’s biggest storm on record. In preparation, the whole country was closed down including government buildings, transportation and private businesses. With so many people stranded at home, our friends over at the Irish Mirror asked how this affected Pornhub and in turn our statisticians found a massive increase in Ireland’s Pornhub traffic compared to a normal day. Beginning in the early morning, traffic was up 48% above normal levels at 02:00. We then found from 08:00 until 16:00 that traffic was as much as 53% above average. After a full day spent on Pornhub, Ireland’s evening traffic returned somewhat to normal, fluctuating plus or minus 10% from average.

We also found that October 16th traffic changes varied between Irish men and women. At 02:00, female traffic was up 53% compared to their average level, but at 03:00 Irish men peaked at 68% above average. At 07:00 in the morning, Irish women were on Pornhub 27% less than usual, while traffic from men was close to average. Later in the day, it seems that more of the traffic increase came from men, with their traffic being 61% above average at 15:00, and women up 34% during the same period.

Similar October 16th differences were found depending on the age of Irish visitors. Irish millennials between the ages of 18-34 saw an increase of 50% at 02:00, while those over 35 years of age increased by 66% above their usual levels at 04:00. Millennial traffic was down 15% at 07:00, but all age groups seem to have agreed that 15:00 was an optimum time for a Pornhub break with a 60% increase above daily levels. At 18:00 traffic from Irish visitors over the age of 35 was down 32% compared to their average, but remained relatively normal for the millennial group.

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Greece Insights

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’re taking a look at the current porn habits of the Mediterranean country of Greece. We last looked at Greece back in 2015, so the folks at Lifo.gr checked in to see how Greek porn preferences have changed since then. While overall traffic from Greece has increased, the rank has dropped from 21st worldwide to 24th. This is mostly due to growth in other countries as seen in our last Year in Review.

Female traffic has dropped to 21% which is 5% below the worldwide average of 26%. Greek mobile traffic has increased from 44% to 52% since 2015 but still remains far behind the world average.

One of the biggest changes in Greece is average visit times, which have increased from 9 minutes in 2015 to 10 minutes and 23 seconds in 2017, exceeding the worldwide average by nearly a full minute. A unique aspect of Greek porn usage is the most popular time of day to visit Pornhub. Most countries tend to visit later at night from 10pm to midnight, but in Greece the most popular time remains 3pm to 5pm.

When it comes to popular searches, Greek’s a very patriotic. The most popular search by far is “greek” followed by “greek celebrity”, “greek porn” and “greek amateur”.

The most viewed categories in Greece are Lesbian, Anal, MILF and Mature.

When compared to elsewhere in the world, visitors from Greece are proportionately 91% more likely to view the Old/Young category, 73% more into Double Penetration and 55% more into Anal.

Porn tastes can differ from region to region within a country, and Greece is certainly no different. Visitors from Arta, Chois and Corinthia are much more interested in Big Tits. In Corfu and Drama, people are more likely to watch Cartoon porn videos. Videos featuring Old/Young and Mature are more popular in Thessalia and Western Greece.

The most searched for pornstar in Greece is Tzoulia Alexandratou, who herself is Greek. Other Greek pornstars are popular including Inna Innaki and Marianna Ntouvli.

The average age of Greek visitors is 34 years old, slightly younger than the world average of 35. In our Year in Review, we found that 46% of worldwide visitors were millennials under the age of 35. In Greece, millennials account for a much larger 64% of visitors. The biggest difference in Greek age groups is 18% 35 to 44 year olds, whereas this group averages 31% of worldwide traffic.

Greek women most often view the Lesbian, Threesome and Female Friendly categories, while men prefer MILF, Anal and Mature videos. In previous studies we have noted the popularity of lesbian porn among women.

If we compared the relative popularity of categories between the genders, we find that women are proportionately 208% more likely to view Female Friendly, 143% more for Bondage and 121% more for Double Penetration. Men are 272% more likely to view the BBW category compared to women, 115% more for Shemale (Transgender), and 89% more interested in Amateur.

By comparing the relative popular among Greek age groups, we can see that Hentai is 77% more popular with 18 to 24 years old compared to all other age groups, along with a 67% increase in popularity for School and 59% for cartoon” parodies. 25 to 34 years old are 45% more likely to view BBW and 40% more for Casting. Both the 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 age groups are more likely to view the Russian category, while Greek visitors over the age of 55 are more than 150% more likely to view Shemale (transgender) videos.

While the average Greek visitor will spend 10 minutes and 23 seconds on Pornhub, some regions are much faster or slower. Visitors from Phocis are 40 seconds faster to come and go, while those in Lefkada take 28 seconds longer.

Around 5.4% of pageviews from Greece are for gay male content. We find a higher proportion of gay pageviews at 6.2% in Kastoria, and less at 4.2% in Arta.

The most searched for term by gay visitors from Greece is “Greek”, followed by “straight friend”, “daddy” and “straight first time”.

The most viewed category of gay videos is Daddy, followed by Straight Guys, Bareback and Big Dick.

When compared to the rest of the world, Greek’s gay visitors are 94% more likely to view “Bear” videos, 65% more into “Casting” and 60% more into “Daddy”.

Certain events and holidays can have an effect on traffic. In Greece, we find a 24.5% drop in traffic on New Year’s Eve, and 20% on New Years Day. Christmas also sees a 19% drop in traffic, as well as a 14.7% drop during The Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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XXX Marks the Spot – Pirate Day Insights

Since being popularized by columnist Dave Barry in 2002, September 19th has been celebrated by land-lubbers and sea-goers alike as International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day. It joins the ranks of hundreds of “fake” holidays, which become further popularized each year due to the rise of social media.

This year, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” set sail with more observers than ever, and when our friends at Mashable checked in to see what bounty of Pornhub searches we could find, we soon discovered a 367% increase in pirate related searches on September 19th!

What treasures are pirate porn searchers seeking? Numerous parodies of course, often inspired by well-known Hollywood blockbusters. The most popular parody is Digital Playground’s Pirates series, with pornstars Jesse Jane and Evan Stone.

Our statisticians found that men are 41% more likely to search for pirate related porn compared to women. Popularity of pirate porn is much higher with Millennials between the ages of 18 to 35. The popularity of pirates decreases by age, with visitors over 45 years old being 30-40% less likely to search when compared to all other age groups.

To see how other “fake” holidays have caused increased Pornhub searches, check out our search results from May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day).

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Apple’s iPhone X(xx) Live Event

What’s gets Apple fans harder than Pornhub? New hardware from Apple of course! Apple’s annual fall iPhone Event took place on Tuesday, September 13th and millions tuned in live to watch the unveiling of new phones and other tech. Just as we found during last year’s event, traffic to Pornhub dropped significantly during the live show.

Across the United States, traffic dropped by -7% at 1pm Eastern Time when the live show began, and worldwide was down -4% compared to average time of day traffic levels. Traditionally, Apple restricts the show’s live feed to users of Apple based devices including those on iOS, MacOS and Safari browser. This year however, Windows users of Microsoft’s Edge browser were also invited to tune in.

Among users of Apple’s iOS based mobile devices, traffic dropped by -12% at 1pm, while desktop users of MacOS saw traffic drop by -8%. After the show ended, traffic from iOS users increased +4% above normal time of day levels. Perhaps all those Apple fans were turned on by the new devices and headed to Pornhub for some relief.

Our statisticians next turned their attention to web browsers, to see how interest from Microsoft Windows users compared to those using the Apple based Safari browser. As one might expect, Safari traffic was down -8% at 1pm while Edge saw a drop of -4%. After the show ended, we again saw a slight increase from Safari users of +3% above normal time of day traffic levels.

To see what else gets Apple users excited, we took a look at the most popular search terms on Apple iOS and MacOS. Users of iPhones and iPads are most likely to search for “lesbian”, followed by “milf”, “ebony” and “step mom”. Desktop users of MacOS are most likely to search for “Asian”, followed by “milf”, “massage” and “college”. Ebony is the category of videos most often viewed on iOS mobile devices, followed by Lesbian and MILF. The same categories are the top 3 on MacOS as well, but in the order of Lesbian, MILF and Ebony.

To see how Apple users differ from users of Android devices, our statisticians looked at the relative differences in popularity. When compared to Android, Apple users are 76% more likely to view the Female Friendly category. That fits with a recent Insights study on Women and Technology, which found that women were far more likely to be using Apple devices than Android. Apple users are also 45% more likely to view the Babe category, and 32% more for College videos.

When compared to Apple, Android users are 71% more interested in Virtual Reality content, as well as 51% more into Cosplay and 45% more into Hentai.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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When Ted Tweets

Senator Ted Cruz was in hot water after a “staffing issue” resulted in a September 12th tweet liking a video featured on Pornhub. The Reality Kings video (nsfw) remained at the top of Ted’s Twitter for a few hours until someone hit the panic button and deleted it. Of course that was plenty of time for the press to take notice, and Ted’s Tweet was soon the talk of the town.

By the end of the day, the Reality Kings video featuring pornstar Cory Chase (nsfw) became the fastest video to hit a million views on Pornhub, and currently stands at 1.6 million views. Searches for Cory Chase also shot up +659% above her normal daily search level. Ted Cruz searches also reached an all-time high of more than 50,000 in just 24 hours — far above his normal daily search average of 6.

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Transgender Porn Searches

Over the last few years, our statisticians have noticed a significant increase in searches for videos featuring transgender performers. So when the folks at Glamour reached out for more information, we figured it was a great time to take a closer look at what type of transgender porn is being searched for on Pornhub, and where it is most popular.

The following chart illustrates the popularity of transgender related searches from April 2010 to August of 2017 (based on the proportion of all searches). Searches dipped below average from 2012 to 2014, but have increased steadily since then.

The following word-cloud illustrates the top 25 terms most often combined with ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’ searches. The number one related search is “ftm” (female to male), followed by “girl” and “beautiful”. A few nationalities are commonly searched with transgender including “italian”, “french” and “brazil”. Searches for “mtf” (male to female) are about half as popular as “ftm”.

Our statistics are derived from Google Analytics, so for demographics data were are limited to two genders – male and female. So we are unable to see what type of porn transgender identifying people prefer to view. We can however see the popularity of transgender porn by those people identified as male or female, and various age groups.

Men are proportionately 63% more likely to search for transgender related porn when compared to those visitors Google has identified as women. Interest in trans porn increases by age group, with visitors in the 18 to 24 age group being 31% less likely to search, whereas visitors over the age of 55 are 20% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups.

Across the United States, visitors from Florida and Nevada are the most likely to search for transgender porn, followed closely by visitors from New Hampshire, Alaska and Maine. The states least likely to search for transgender porn are South Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Alabama. On average, transgender searches represent around 2% of all searches in the United States, ranging from a high of 2.2% in Florida to a low of 1.8% in South Dakota.

Worldwide, transgender related terms currently represent 1.97% of all searches on Pornhub, so that’s well over a million searches each day. Argentina proportionately searches for more transgender porn than any other country in the world, making up 4.1% of all their searches. In Brazil transgender makes up 3.42% of all searches, and 3.11% in Colombia. The United States ranks 25th worldwide for transgender search popularity.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Golden Age of Porn Searches

In this edition of Pornhub Insights, we’re going back in time to the seventies and eighties with Men’s Health to see what type of vintage porn is most popular with Pornhub’s visitors. Today you can enjoy thousands of classic porn scenes on Pornhub without wearing out your VHS tapes from excessive pausing and rewinding.

Men are proportionately 36% more likely to view vintage porn when compared to women. We also found that the popularity of vintage porn increases by age group, with millennials under the age of 35 being 50% less likely to watch classic videos. On the flip side, Pornhub’s visitors over the age of 55 are over 50% more likely to view vintage videos, perhaps looking to revisit their erections of the past.

On average, the vintage category is viewed 139 seconds longer than the average time spent viewing other categories. This difference in viewing time may be due in part to the age of viewers, as we’ve previously found that older visitors tend to spend more time when they visit Pornhub.

Our statisticians found that the 1980s are the most searched for decade. The 1990s are the second most popular, but with only half the volume of the preceding decade. In third place, 1970s related searches are similar in volume to the 90s.

The most popular related search term is “vintage” followed by “vintage taboo” and “retro”. Many vintage searches contain countries like German, Italian, French and Swedish.

The most searched for pornstar from the 70s and 80s is Nina Hartley, who recently partnered with Pornhub Cares to help educate seniors about the risk of STIs. She’s followed in popularity by Kay Parker, Peter North and Blake Mitchell.

Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are the states where vintage porn is proportionately the most popular. Vintage porn is least popular in the District of Columbia, along with Georgia, Nevada and Texas.

The countries most often searching for vintage porn are primarily in Europe. Belarus tops the list of vintage enthusiasts, followed by Moldova and Germany.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Insights. To learn more about porn’s past, take a look at our Infographic on the History of Porn.


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