Fortnite Season 5

Since the launch of Fortnite Battle Royal in September 2017, searches containing “fortnite” have grown steadily on Pornhub.

As detailed in our earlier Fortnite Insights, searches had previously peaked on March 15 after Drake played the game live on Twitch. Since then, Fortnite has remained in Pornhub’s Top 20 searches, with an average of over 100,000 unique searches every day!

July 12 began Season 5, so Forbes asked Pornhub’s statisticians to see if the new updates had any effect on searches.

We found that searches grew in the days leading up to the anticipated launch, then gained an impressive +49% on July 12. That brought “fortnite” into Pornhub’s Top 15 most popular search terms.

Fortnite fans anxious to try the new updates crowded the game’s servers, causing them to crash and go offline around 9pm (ET). It’s seems that when gamers couldn’t connect to play with their online friends, they instead went to Pornhub to play with themselves.

After the servers went down, searches containing “fortnite” increased by +116% when compared to the same time period on an average day.

This wasn’t the first time a server crash caused a change in Pornhub’s “fortnite“ search levels. On April 11 Fortnite’s servers were down for nearly a day, causing a +60% increase in searches, as detailed in our Fortnite Server Outage Insights.

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World Cup 2018: Country vs Country

The 2018 World Cup kicked off June 14th and because the tournament lasts a full month, it gave Pornhub’s statisticians and our friends at Metro UK a treasure-trove of data to study from all over the world. After the first match began, searches for both “football” and “soccer” doubled and continue to remain much higher than average.

Search growth certainly shows that Pornhub fans have an increased interest in soccer, but where does that interest go when their country’s team is playing a match? Are people willing to give up Pornhub time in favor of game time? And what countries have the biggest fans who are most willing to give up porn to see their teams play? Read on to find out!

Pornhub’s statisticians first looked at all of the qualifying matches to find the average traffic drop by country when their teams were playing a game. The change was compared to the same time period on an average day two weeks before the World Cup tournament began.

Senegal topped our charts of the most soccer obsessed country, where Pornhub’s traffic fell an average of -47% while their team was playing. They’re followed closely by -45% drops in Iran, -42% in Iceland, and -40% in both Croatia and Morocco.

At the bottom of the list with less than 10% drops in traffic are France, Costa Rica, Russia and Australia.

During the knockout matches, Pornhub’s statisticians looked at each of the playing countries during the game to see which country was more likely to tune in to see if their team made it to the next stage.

During Match 1, Pornhub’s traffic from Uruguay dropped a massive -61% and fans were rewarded by seeing their team win. During Match 2, traffic drops in France and Argentina were nearly identical at -35% and -36%. Nearly identical drops were also recorded between Croatia and Denmark in Match 4, and Colombia and England in Match 8. The biggest difference between countries was found in Match 5, with a -33% traffic drop in Brazil versus a -12% drop in Mexico.

Stay tuned for more World Cup Insights to come. To see how other sports events can cause fluctuations in Pornhub traffic be sure to check out our other insights like Super Bowl 52, 2018 Winter Olympics, 2016 Summer Olympics, NBA Finals and MLB World Series.

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Sneaker Fetish

Pornhub Insights has delved into lots of interesting fetishes over the years, including Feederism, Wedgies, Golden Showers, Cuckolding, Spectrophilia, Bronies and even Clowns. In today’s edition of Insights, we’re joined by the editorial team at SSENSE to dive feet first into the sneaker fetish.

Here you’ll find our usual Insights into the data, but we encourage you to visit SSENSE for their featured article entitled The Data of Desire, which examines the relationship between fashion and human sexuality.

Let’s begin by taking a look at where sneakers fall into the full range of apparel related porn searches. As you might expect, searches for “panties” take the number one spot. They’re followed by “yoga pants”, which you can learn more about in our Yoga Porn Insights. Next come “lingerie”, “bikinis” and “dresses”. Feet make their first appearance in 6th with “heels”, followed closely by “socks” in 7th. “Boots” walk in at 13th, and “sneakers” just sneak into the top 20 at 19th.

We’ve focused today’s fashion insights on sneakers because nearly half of Pornhub’s top brand-name searches are best known for their footwear. These include brands like “Converse”, “Nike”, “Adidas” and “Vans”.

Pornhub’s statisticians found that proportionately, male visitors are 55% more likely to search for sneaker porn compared to women. Visitors to Pornhub Gay pages are 1124% more likely to search for sneakers compared to non-gay visitors.

When compared to all other age groups, visitors between the ages of 35 to 44 are the most likely search for sneakers, by a margin of +18%. Visitors above the age of 55 are far less likely to search for sneakers compared to those under 55.

The number one sneaker related search is “sneaker worship”, followed by “converse sneakers” and “sneaker sex”. Treading further down the list, we find that “sneaker trample” is popular, along with searches like “sneaker lick”, “smell sneakers” and “sneaker ballbusting”. Ouch!

Because gay men seem particularly interested in sneakers, our statisticians looked at Pornhub Gay searches to see how they compared. The number one gay search is “sneaker sex” followed by “french sneaker”.

Nike appears to be the preferred brand among gay men, with “nike sneakers” outranking “converse sneakers”. Other sneaker searches unique to the Pornhub Gay site include “sneakers bareback”, “sneaker slave”, “sneaker twinks”, “sneaker master” and “studs and sneakers”.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that “polish sneakers” ranks high since our statisticians found that Warsaw, Poland was the city most likely to search for sneakers. It’s followed by Berlin, Milan, Prague and Paris. Twenty of the top thirty sneaker searching cities are located in Europe. Sao Paulo, Brazil ranks 11th, Montreal, Canada is 16th and Adelaide, Australia is 24th.

The North East appears to be the center of sneaker searches across the United States. Although Columbus, Ohio ranks highest among cities, the state of  Massachusetts is proportionately the most likely to search for sneakers, followed by Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Sneaker searches are least popular in Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Here’s another interesting tidbit Pornhub’s statisticians discovered. Our anonymized statistics come from Google Analytics, which also reports advertising related data like what types of products visitors may be “in-market” for, based on their recent search history (outside of Pornhub). This data shows that Pornhub’s sneaker searching visitors are most likely to be actively shopping for Shoes, Boots and Athletic-wear (ahead of all other product types).

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Croatia Insights

The Insights team was contacted by to see how their fellow Croatians enjoying using Pornhub. Croatia ranks 53rd for traffic to Pornhub, which is not a bad feat considering that it ranks 129th worldwide for population. More Croatians tend to visit Pornhub on Monday than any other day of the week, while Friday is the lowest traffic day as it is around most of the world.

The most popular search term in Croatia is “jebange” (the act of having sex), followed by MILF and the popular game “Fortnite“. In most countries we find that people tend to search more for their own people than any other search — for example “Greek” in Greece and  “Portugal” in Portugal — but in Croatia “hrvatska” only ranks 9th in terms of search popularity.

The most viewed category of video in Croatia is “Mature” followed by “MILF” and “Lesbian”.

Our statisticians found that “Mature” is proportionately 100% more popular in Croatia when compared to the rest of the world, “Czech” videos are 88% more popular, and the “Old/Young” Category is 75% more popular.

The most searched for pornstar in Croatia is Celestia Vega, followed by Alyssia Kent and Alexis Texas.

Croatia has one of the highest proportions of female visitors we’ve seen at 35%, compared to a worldwide average of just 26%. Croatia also has one of the smallest proportions of 18-24 year olds visiting Pornhub at only 16% (compared to 29% worldwide). That means the 25 to 34 age group is much larger in Croatia than elsewhere at 37%.

Croatians use less mobile devices when visiting Pornhub at only 70% compared to the worldwide average of 76%. That means desktop usage remains much higher.

The average visitor from Croatia will spend 10 minutes and 13 seconds on Pornhub, slightly longer than the worldwide average of 9 minutes 59 seconds. Some parts of Croatia get the job done a lot quicker like Lika-Senj, where visitors come and go 105 seconds faster, while in Sibenik-Knin, visitors take their time with an additional 48 seconds.

To see how Croatia compares to other countries, check out our complete 2017 Year in Review!

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Sophie Brussaux Searches

When Pusha T claimed that Canadian rapper Drake was the father of Sophie Brussaux’s child, the internet went wild with curiosity. Names in the news often drive searches on Pornhub, especially when that person was known to have performed in adult videos (see Stormy Daniels). Originally born in France, but now living in New York as an artist, Sophie Brussaux appeared in adult videos under the stage name of Rosee Divine, so TMZ asked if we saw increased searches.

Prior to May 28, “Rosee Divine” was searched an average of just times per day, and “Sophie Brussaux” 44 times per day. Once her name hit the news, searches on Pornhub shot through the roof. In just over 24 hours, “Sophie Brussaux” was searched 513,760 times and “Rosee Divine” 256,374 times. Wow!

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Technology in France

Journal du Geek asked Pornhub’s statisticians to analyze the various technologies that visitors from France use when accessing Pornhub. When it comes to mobility, French users lag behind the world with only 61% of visitors using smartphones, compared to an average of 70% worldwide. Mobile use is however growing steadily in France as we found the average smartphone usage in our 2017 Year in Review was only 56%.

33% of French women still prefer to double-click their own mouse on desktops, compared to only 25% of men. Our statisticians also found that mobile usage was highest among French visitors in the 25 to 34 age group. 18 to 24 year olds were just as likely to be using desktop computers as visitors aged 35 to 44. Visitors over the age of 65 are 110% more likely to be using desktop computers when compared to all other age groups.

Chrome is by far the most popular web browser among France’s desktop users, but it’s actually 6% less popular when compared to the world, while Firefox is 31% more popular in France. On mobile devices, Chrome browser is 12% more popular in France, and the default Samsung branded browser is 34% more popular in France than the world.

Windows represents 79% of desktop operating system usage in France, just slightly higher than the worldwide average. It would seem that French users are less into cloud computing, as Google’s Chrome OS is nearly 80% LESS popular in France when compared to elsewhere in the world. On mobile devices, Android and iOS usage is similar, but visitors from France are much more likely to be using Windows (+84%) and Blackberry (+59%) compared to visitors elsewhere.

When it comes to game consoles in France, Playstation is still the reigning champ with 71% of console visits much like the rest of the world. Xbox is -28% less popular in France, while handheld consoles like the Playstation Vita and Nintendo’s WiiU are much more popular than they are elsewhere in the world.

Few rivalries are as strong as those between Apple and Android users. So it’s often fun to see how their porn habits differ. In France, “French”, “Anal”, “Lesbian” and “Ebony” are the most popular video categories on both devices. Android users then prefer “Hentai” whereas Apple users prefer “Big Tits”.

Android users in France are 81% more likely to view the “Indian” category, 53% more into “Cosplay” and 52% more into Cartoon. Apple users are 33% more likely to view the “Popular with Women” category, 19% more into “Ass” and 14% more into “Hardcore”.

We hope you enjoyed this editon of Pornhub Insights. For more tech related data, be sure to see our Women and Tech Insights.

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Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Insights

It seems like just the other day that Prince Harry announced his engagement and Pornhub Insights revealed that Searches for Meghan Markle shot up by 2208%. In fact that was only last November, and their romance culminated with a fairy tale wedding at Westminster Abbey on May 19th.

Metro UK asked if the ceremony’s live coverage had an effect on Pornhub’s traffic and searches. Our statisticians soon discovered that as the ceremony began, worldwide traffic plummeted by a massive 10%, lead by a 21% drop in the United Kingdom and 6% in the United States.

Across the United Kingdom, traffic during the ceremony was down -21% in England, -19% in Wales, -15% in Scotland and -14% in Northern Ireland. Traffic remained below average throughout the rest of the day, with a further drop of -17% in England around 5pm.

We were surprised to see that France was the country with the biggest traffic drop of -23% during the ceremony. Traffic in Chile was down -20%, -19% in Italy and -18% in New Zealand, The Netherlands and Turkey. Commonweath countries Australia and Canada were down -17% and -16% respectively.

Once again it was Meghan Markle that most captured everyone’s attention, as Pornhub searches for her name increased steadily in the days before and after the wedding, reaching as high as +2812% on May 21st. Only about 75% of searchers manage to spell Meghan’s name correctly. The next most searched variation is “Megan Markle”, followed by “Megan Markel”.

We also saw a large number of searches for “Prince Harry”, but because he had few daily searches prior to the wedding it was difficult to calculate a percentage increase. So instead our statisticians compared all searches containing the words “prince” or “princess” to see who was most driving people’s fairy tale fantasies.

“Princess” is more popular daily search, so the 187% increase surrounding the wedding means more in terms of raw searches, but the 403% increase in “prince” popularity is quite impressive as well.

All searches containing the term “royal” grew by an impressive 1865% in the days following the ceremony.

Many celebrities attending the wedding also caused increased interest from fans searching Pornhub. Meghan’s fellow Suits co-star “Abigail Spencer” saw searches increase by +178%, “Kate Middleton” was up 988%, “Serena Williams” +108%, “Victoria Beckham” 4213% followed closely by “David Beckham” up 3440%. There were many searches for “Priyanka Chopra”, but because we lacked searches prior to the wedding we couldn’t calculate a percent increase value.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights, and our best wishes to the newlywed couple!

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May the 4th Be With You

Whether they favor the light side or the dark side, the force is strong with Pornhub users. Trusted Reviews asked the Insights team whether “Star Wars Day” affects viewership and searches. While our statisticians can’t see what side of the force our visitors favor, they do have a plethora of Star Wars related data on hand — in particular when May the 4th comes around. On that most geeky of all holidays, Star Wars related searches grow by an empire sized 10430% as visitors enjoy some Hand Solo action.

In particular, searches for “lightsaber” gain an impressive 766%, “star wars sex” 663% and “ashoka tano” 598%. Those are based on results from May the 4th, 2017.

The following chart shows the popularity of Star Wars related searches so far in 2018. “Princess Leia” still comes out on top, followed by “Star Wars Parody” and “Star Wars XXX”. After Leia, the most searched characters are “Rey”, “Oahsoka Tano”, “Twilek”, “Padme Amidala”, “Sabine”, “Aayla Secura”, “Jyn Erso” and “Kylo Ren”.

May the 4th isn’t the only time of the year that Star Wars searches see massive gains. When each of the last 3 movies were released, Pornhub saw a surge in Star Wars related searches. The following chart illustrates the 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the release of The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi. The much anticipated reboot the series, 2015’s Force Awakens, saw the biggest increase of 198% on the day the movie was released. With each subsequent release, the search gain was less noticeable.

Our statisticians found that men are 59% more likely to search for Star Wars porn compared to women. Mobile users of Apple iOS devices are 10% more likely to search Star Wars compared to Android users. On desktop computers, it’s users of Windows based operating systems that are proportionately 28% more likely to search Star Wars compared to Apple Mac OS users. Visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 are 68% more likely to search for Star Wars compared to all other age groups. Even though Star Wars has been around for over 40 years, interest decreases by age with visitors over the age of 65 being -57% less likely to search compared to all other age groups.

For more movie related data, be sure to check out our recent Avengers Infinity Porn Insights!

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Cardi B Searches

Since first appearing on the VH1 Reality Show “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in 2015, rapper Cardi B’s fame and media presence has grown dramatically. For a special report with our friends at Mashable, we first found daily searches for Cardi B starting in early 2016, but her popularity on Pornhub did not escalate until 2017. In August, her song “Bodak Yellow” entered the Billboard charts, causing her searches to increase. Searches rose again in the fall of 2017 when Offset proposed to her live on stage, and “Bodak Yellow” was nominated for two Grammys.

A massive 1007% increase in Cardi B searches happened in late December when she and Offset pretended to have sex (fully clothed) on Instagram Live. In the following days, “Cardi B Sex Tape” became a trending search on Pornhub. Since that event, her searches have remained high throughout 2018 with spikes happening in February after her “Finesse” song with Bruno Mars was released, and most recently in April when she announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live.

The most popular Cardi B searches are “Cardi B Sex Tape”, followed by “Cardi B stripper”, “Cardi B Sex”, Cardi B twerking” and “Cardi B look alike”.

News cycles surrounding celebrity news often cause search increases on Pornhub. For other examples, please see our Insights on Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal and Aubrey O’Day.

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Avengers: Infinity Porn

Pop culture events like new movies and video games can often affect the type of porn that people search for. Super heroes in particular are as sexy as they are exciting, so it’s only natural that fans will want to fantasize about their favorite characters in sexual scenarios. As Super hero movies have grown in popularity over the last decade, so have high-budget porn parodies.

The recent release of the Avengers: Infinity War caused searches to increase 356% above their daily average. As we discovered in our 2017 Year in Review, “Avengers” was already a top ranking movie related search. We teamed up with CinemaBlend to see how the recent film release affected searches on the site.

Historically, DC characters like Harley Quin, Wonder Woman and Batman are searched more often on Pornhub than Marvel characters, but “Avengers” and it’s characters were searched over 6 million times in 2017.

The most searched Avengers character in 2018 is Black Widow, followed by Spiderman, Captain America and Hulk. Some characters are proportionately more popular with women, including Captain America, Black Panther, Thor and Loki.

Our statisticians found that women are 28% more likely to search for Avengers when compared to men, and millennials under the age of 35 are far more likely to search when compared to older age groups.

In previous Insights studies we found that super hero searches tend to increase at Halloween.

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