Fortnite Server Outage

At 2pm ET on April 11th, servers for the popular online shooter Fortnite went down, and remained offline until 2pm the following day. The team at PCGamesN asked if this downtime might have affected searches and traffic to Pornhub.

Pornhub’s statisticians found that searches for “Fortnite” increased by as much as 60% during the 24 hour period, as hardcore players headed to Pornhub for their Fortnite fix. Shortly after access to the server resumed, searches for “Fortnite” returned to normal levels.

Using “affinity” data provided by Google Analytics, our statisticians were able to view traffic changes from visitors who are interested in video games. We found that traffic from “gaming fans” increased shortly after the server outage began, and remained higher than normal over the entire 24 hour period. Gamer traffic was 9.8% above average just 3 hours before server access resumed, after which traffic dropped below normal levels.

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Ireland’s Traffic During Storm Emma

Winter storm Emma blasted Ireland with snow, causing much of the country to be shut down from March 1st to 3rd, 2018. Those who didn’t lose power (or were willing to give up precious battery life), found warmth in Pornhub, where traffic saw major increases compared to an normal period.

Some of the biggest changes were seen from 2am to 3am, which is similar to the traffic change on many holidays, when people stay up later knowing they don’t have to go to work the next day. On March 2nd, traffic at 3am was 68% higher than the same hour on an average Friday.

For much the same reason, traffic was below average those three days from 6am to 7am — a popular time for people to visit Pornhub before they get ready for work, and higher again from 9am to noon hour with Ireland’s citizens being hard at home rather than hard at work. March 1st also saw a large increase of 59% above average at 3pm.

Compare these results to Ireland’s traffic during Hurricane Ophelia in October 2017 and the hourly similarities are striking. In the United States, 2017’s Winter Storm Stella and 2015’s Winter Storm Juno showed much the same results.

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Overwatch Brigitte Searches

Pornhub Insights last took a detailed look at searches for Overwatch shortly after the game’s release in May of 2016. Since then, Overwatch has remained one of the most popular game searches on Pornhub. In our 2017 Year in Review, Overwatch was the 13th most popular search of the year, and even reached as high as number one in Brazil and number 2 in Russia. The Year in Review also featured Pornhub’s most searched game characters of 2017, with D.Va, Mercy and Tracer taking the top 3 positions.

In March of 2018, the latest Overwatch update added hero #27, Brigitte. Rolling Stone’s Glixel checked in to see if this new character had any effect on searches. Our statisticians found that within just a few days, Pornhub searches containing “Brigitte” increased by 6264%, exceeding 2 million searches in just 10 days!

The excitement over the new game update also caused a big increase of 225% in all searches containing “overwatch”.

With all this attention around Brigette, our statisticians looked at how searches for all Overwatch characters were affected. The 23 year old Swedish hero now massively outranks the next most popular character D.Va. Searches for Tracer and Windowmaker have both increased in 2018, with Mercy dropping from 2nd place (in 2017) to 5th.

Our statisticians also found that certain characters were more popular in different parts of the world. Brigitte is searched more often by visitors from the United States and Canada than any other countries. Her home country of Sweden ranks 5th. D.Va is Korean, so it seems fitting that South Korea is the number one country searching for her character. Tracer is most popular in Russia, but she is also popular in Mexico and South America. Widowmaker, from France is more popular in European countries like Finland and Norway. Mei is from China, which is also the country most likely to search for her character.

We hope you enjoyed this gamer edition of Insights. For other game related date you can check out our Fortnite Insights, Minecraft Insights, Pokemon and Fallout 4.

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Feederism Fetish: Making Gains

In today’s edition of Pornhub Insights, we’ll be taking a look at a fetish that’s been making some serious gains, as a part of a special report from our friends at UNILAD. Feederism is a sexual fetish which involves one partner (the feeder) feeding the other (the feedee) for sexual arousal. While the feeder is usually attracted to partners with a large body type, the fetish is considered to be more of a slave and master (BDSM) off-shoot.

As of March 2018, Feederism searches are 600% more popular than they were in July of 2014 (based on their proportion of all searches).

The most common feederism search is “belly stuffing” followed by “feedee”. The top searches are often combined with terms like “BBW” (Big Beautiful Woman), “SSBBW” (Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman), “belly”, “stuffing” and “gainer”.

On their way to discovering feederism, people will often try other search terms to narrow down the type of video they are looking for. Our statisticians compiled a list of the searches that most often precede the more common feeder/gainer/stuffing related searches. Topping the list of preceding searches is “weight gain”, followed by “belly inflation”. Other common terms include “chubby”, “fatter”, “bloat”, “burp” and “bulge”.

Men are 45% more likely to search for feederism when compared to women, and visitors in the 18 to 24 age group are 63% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups. As the age visitors increase, interest in feederism drops off, with those over the age of 55 being 50% less likely to search.

Our statisticians also discovered that visitors to the Pornhub Gay section are proportionately 30% more likely to search for feederism related content than straight visitors. The most common gay search is “gainer”, and other combined searches include “BHM” (Big Handsome Man) and “bear”.

In the United States, feederism is most popular in North Eastern states including Vermont (#1), Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. The states least interested in searching are Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, North Dakota and Arizona.

Worldwide, the country that is proportionately the most likely to search for feederism is Russia, followed by Finland, Austria, Czech Republic and Puerto Rico. The United States ranks 11th, just one spot behind it’s northerly neighbor Canada.

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What’s Up With Wedgies

What’s up on Insights today? Wedgies! Our statisticians have been digging deep to pull out all the wedgie data they can find as a part of a special partnership with our friends over at Metro UK. While wedgies are generally considered a not-so-pleasant experience in everyday life, it’s actually a fetish that brings pleasure to a lot of Pornhub visitors.

As the following chart illustrates, wedgies gained some serious pull throughout 2016. After reached their highest point in March of 2017, wedgies have since eased back a bit.

The most popular wedgie related search is “girl wedgie”, followed by “wedgie fetish” and “hanging wedgie”. Searches for “atomic wedgie” are also popular, but don’t quite make it over the top. Many popular wedgie searches are similar to other BDSM terms like “punishment”, “bondage”, “domination” and “spanking”.

Before searching for wedgies, the same Pornhub visitors are most likely to search for “spanking” and “thong”.

Men are 17% more likely to seek out wedgies compared to women, and Pornhub visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 are 208% more likely to search compared to all other age groups. Our data shows that wedgies have less reach as Pornhub visitors age.

Across the U.S., it’s the state of Mississippi that’s most in need of wedgies, where searches are proportionately more popular than elsewhere in the country. Conversely, wedgies are least popular in the state of Hawaii.

Of all the countries in the world, it seems that Americans are the most in need of wedgies. They’re also popular in Slovenia, South Africa, Canada and Croatia.

Have our statisticians let any other fetishes slip through the cracks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview Searches

Stormy Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday, March 25th and searches for her name once again saw an incredible boost!  From 7pm to 8pm, searches containing “Stormy Daniels” were up to 2052% higher than during the same time period the previous Sunday.

Pornhub Insights previously reported how Stormy Daniels news stories caused significant search increases on Pornhub. The following updated timeline illustrates the change in searches on key dates since January, 2018.

Our statisticians also found similar increases when Karen McDougal and Aubrey O’Day appeared in the news.

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Karen McDougal Searches

Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal was back in the spotlight this week, as new information came out about her alleged relationship with Donald Trump. Naturally searches for Karen shot through the roof on Pornhub just as they did in February when her story first came out. These Insights follow recent search data for both Stormy Daniels and Trump Jr.’s alleged affair with Aubrey O’Day.

On February 18th, searches for Karen McDougal were 1293% above average, and on March 22 they were 1140% above her daily average. (Average based on daily search volume from February 1st to March 22nd).

The most common search has been “karen mcdougal naked pics”, followed by simply “karen mcdougal” as well as “playmate karen mcdougal” and “vintage karen mcdougal”.

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Aubrey O’Day Searches

Another O’Day, another Trump O’fair. While Stormy Daniels searches are still on fire, today it’s presidential son Donald Jr. who shares the news for his alleged affair with former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Aubrey O’Day. While Aubrey enjoyed a small but consistent number of daily searches on Pornhub, her search popularity shot up 11,105% after the story came out, and continues to rise.

Love interests often cause massive search increases on Pornhub. Searches for actress Meghan Markle shot up 2208% after her relationship with Prince Harry was first revealed.

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Fortnite: Pornhub Battle Royale

Polygon contacted the Insights team to see if the media attention around the game Fortnite has had any effect on Pornhub searches. Our statisticians found that while Fortnite had a slow start on Pornhub, it has steadily gained ground over the last several months to become of of our top video game related search terms.

After Fortnite launched in July of 2017, it only resulted in a handful of searches. Things really picked up at the end of September 2017 when Fortnite’s Battle Royale came out, and they have grown steadily since then. Spikes in search volume seem to coincide with major game updates and news cycles such as the 1.36 patch in January and when 60 FPS was enabled in February.

Fortnite’s biggest search increase occurred on March 15 after Drake played the game live on Twitch. Not only did it break records for concurrent Twitch views, it caused searches on Pornhub to increase 824% above average.

The most popular Fortnite related searches include “hentai”, “battle royale”, “animation” and “strip”. Following some viral videos on YouTube, “try not to nut fornite” also became a popular search. “SFM” is a term often combined with game searches (see Overwatch Insights).

By looking at what users typically search before or after searching Fortnite, we can start to see a game related trend develop. The most common search during the same user session is “Overwatch“, followed by “Team Fortress 2” and “video game”. Other games being searched “Minecraft“, “Pokemon”, “Rainbox Six Seige” and Fortnite’s rival platform, “PUBG” (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

Out statisticians found that male visitors are 136% more likely to search for Fortnite compared to women. Visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 are 361% more likely to search compared to all other age groups. As Fortnite gameplay has moved into mobile platforms, it’s visitors on Apple iOS based devices that are 77% more likely to search Fortnite compared to Android users.

Across the United States, visitors from Kansas are proportionately the most likely to search for Fortnite, followed by those from South Dakota, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California. Based on its proportion of all searches, Fortnite is least popular in D.C., Mississippi, Hawaii, Vermont and North and South Carolina.

Worldwide, visitors from Finland are proportionately the most likely to be searching for Fortnite, followed by visitors from France, Ireland, Norway and Denmark. In North America, the United States ranks 6th, Canada is 12th and Mexico is 19th worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Let us know what other games you’d like to see featured on Insights in the comments below!

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Popular With Women

March 8th is International Women’s Day, so in this edition of Insights we’re joined by Newsweek for an exclusive look at female traffic on this day as well as a special report on recent changes we made to better cater Pornhub’s content to the needs of women.

On March 8th, we found that female traffic to Pornhub was above average levels in the morning. The +5.2% increase at 7am is similar to the change we saw January 20th on the day of the 2018 Women’s March. Female traffic dipped slightly below after in the afternoon, but grew +4.2% above average at 9pm.

Our statisticians noted several search terms that increased in popularity on March 8th. Searches containing “womens day” were up 1696% among both genders, as well as a 684% increase in searches for “hot sex”. Amy Schumer saw a 513% gain in searches for her name, most likely a result of her speaking out publicly for women on that day. More attention was being paid to female pleasure, with cunnilingus related searches increasing dramatically. And just as we found on the day of the Women’s March, searches for “feminist” porn also increased. Other gaining terms like “cuckold” and “romantic” were also featured in our Valentine’s Day Insights.

“Female Friendly” becomes “Popular With Women”

As the number of women enjoying adult content increases – according to Pornhub’s 2017 Year in Review, “Porn for Women” was a top trending search throughout the year, increasing by over 1,400 percent. On December 8th, Pornhub launched a new “Popular With Women” category which automatically aggregates content catered to the growing demographics’ specific interests, taking into account women’s views and preferences.

“Popular with Women” was launched to replace its predecessor category, “Female Friendly” in order to adhere to customer feedback regarding the need for content that better reflected women’s diverse preferences. The category used to house content that was marketed towards women, rather than content women have actually enjoyed.

As a result of the new category name and aggregated content, “Popular With Women” has significantly increased the rank of the previous “Female Friendly” in the few just the months since it’s launch. We have also found that women spend nearly a minute longer on Pornhub (10 minutes 30 seconds) when they begin browsing the new category, compared to the previous (9 minutes 36 seconds).

As part of the new “Popular With Women” category changes, viewers can check boxes with sub-categories to refine the videos results being displayed. The most popular refinement is for “pussy licking” videos, followed by “rough sex”, “threesome” and “lesbian”.

As we discovered in previous Insights stories focused on female preferences, we know that women enjoy lesbian videos and also enjoy watching gay male content.

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