We Porn Makers, Ep.5 – Assholes & Bigotry

Dudes, if you like fucking girls in the ass does that make you gay?  Think about it, an asshole is an asshole! In this episode we take a look at the bigotry surrounding homosexuality and the irrational bigotry surrounding it.  Haters are going to hate! We’re not trying to change minds or influence your opinion.  But let’s be honest shitpacking is shitpacking.

We Porn Makers, Ep.4 – How To Make Porn

Technology has blessed us with the ability to produce, direct and star in our own adult videos for the entire world to see. Yes, you can be a porn star! However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. In this episode provide some basics in quality porn production. For more on what’s covered you can read the post Amateur Porn 101.

We Porn Makers, Ep.3 – No Condoms

I recently read a forum post from a guy who was very upset by California’s condom law. He stated that when he watches porn he imagines himself in the role of the guy and that when he sees a male performer wearing a condom it takes away from his enjoyment of that performance. Really dude, a fucking condom ruins that experience for you? Is the dick the source of your fantasy or smashing a bad ass chick.

We Porn Makers, Ep.2 – The Cuckold Fantasy

Let’s discuss the cuckold. Why would a married man enjoy seeing his wife slayed by another man. I don’t understand it, but I do enjoy the fantasy of banging a married woman while her lame ass husband passively watches. In keeping with the show topic, the video review is focused on a very hot scene of a woman enjoying some interracial fun while her man tapes. Enjoy.

We Porn Makers, Ep. 1 – The Producer

Welcome to the We Porn Makers’ Podcast! This episode is an introduction to the The Butterwaters!; an adult content production company. Learn how Dee, host/founder of The Butterwaters!, got started in the porn industry. The conversation is raw. If you are interested in amateur porn then this podcast is for you and the story told of a young NYC dude’s introduction into porn may be similar to your own, or not. Stay tuned for the weekly video review. In this episode we review a black girlfriend compilation.