Fashion, Fad or Fail

After four years and 275 data related posts on Pornhub Insights, there’s little that surprises us when it comes to what people search for. With more than 10 million videos adding up to 173 years of content, it’s quite understandable that people may search Pornhub just to see what oddball things there might be — especially when something begins to trend online. For example, as Fidget Spinners became a worldwide phenomenon, we discovered that people had searched for them 2.5 million times on Pornhub in just 10 days!

Enter the RompHim. While the creator’s kickstarter project rapidly achieved it’s goal for “your new favorite summer outfit”, social media was abuzz with people questioning it’s fashion merits. So naturally we checked to see how many people were searching for RompHim on Pornhub, and to our surprise, there have been NO searches. Zero, zilch, none, nadda.

Could it be that RompHims are so un-sexy that absolutely no one will dare to search Pornhub? Maybe Pornhub’s users are just too fashion savvy? So our statisticians dug a bit deeper, and discovered that there are many questionable fashions — including the original Romper for women — that do garner searches on Pornhub.

So here we present, the fashions, fads and fails that people all consider to be more sexy than a RompHim.

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