Nasty New York Amateurs


I started producing because I couldn’t find the type of porn I was looking for. At the time, my preference was for big booty chicks. It didn’t matter if the lady was white, black, latina or other as long as the ass was thick. I was tired of the bullshit coming out of L.A. You know the typical West Coast Production. A guy is cruising by and picks up a random young thot at a bus stop. He takes her back to the crib and she proceeds to do what thots do. We’ve seen this scenario thousands of times, literally. I wanted true amateur porn. Real around-the-way bitches fucking real niggas. That was hard to find before broadband internet exploded. is a truly authentic amateur ghetto porn website. The content is 100% exclusive real niggas fucking real bitches.

Nasty NY Amateurs

Nasty New York Amateurs

I like big girls. I love seeing big girls smashed. If you like seeing an amateur BBW getting the full ghetto whore treatment then you must visit The site is not marketed as a BBW site, but the overwhelming majority of the content features plus sized broads. I don’t know if this is intentional. I was born and raised in The Bronx and lived in Brooklyn for many years. I know that there are just as many slim or thick chicks as there are fat girls. I have to say that the lack of body type diversity is the only downside of this site.

The slutting and fucking is official! These dudes truly know how to treat a hoe like a hoe and turn out a amateur chick. I don’t know if the producers are staking out strip clubs or pulling bitches from the block. They have a good eye for picking real hoe chicks. No shy bitches scared to suck dick, no lame broads who don’t want to do anal. None of that hesitant shit. These amateur ladies suck dick and take it up the ass like they’re making career moves.

The quality of the video is excellent for an amateur site. I have never seen a poorly lit scene from The scenes are shot in a real apartment, not a shitty hotel. The cameraman does a good job of getting the money shots. Whether creampie or facial every cumshot is captured.

The producers of are seriously grinding in the amateur porn genre. In addition to their flagship site they have several niche sites. Distinguishing one site from another is not always clear. The content looks the same. There’s no way for me to know if these sites are profitable, but you can tell that they love what they do. Here’s a break down of additional sites:

“Amateur blow jobs from the streets of New York. From the streets to there (sic) knee’s, we put there jaws to the test. is all about that oral satisfaction. Finding hoes, and getting them to suck dick.”

The synopsis is straight forward. It’s a blow job site. Just like the ladies tend to be on the heavier side, but that’s ok! Watch a few preview clips and you’ll see that the head skills are on point.

Ghetto Amateur Porn

“Nymphos come in all shapes and sizes.”

I’m not sure why the amateur content on this site is different from what is on their main site. I can only assume that they pull so many bitches that they can’t put all the content on nastynyamateurs!

“Where All Girls Get Fucked. BBW, Slim, Thick, Tall, Short or Small, We Fuck Them All.”

Great content. Plenty of fat chicks. Again, I’m not sure why this is different from, but I’m not complaining.

“Where it’s all about 2 or more hoes suckin’ on some hard dick.”

Ok, who doesn’t want their dick sucked by two bitches! I’m down, but seems like they could have just put this on Seems like another case of having so much content you have to create another site. Definitely a product of that hard grind.

“Busted booties, psycho hoez, bloopers, limp dicks, exposed hoez. 100% raw uncut amateur footage.”

I love this type of shit. I personally have tons of behind the scenes footage that I have spun through the years to make more money from my content. I always have an additional camera to catch extra footage at my shoots.  This site looks like they peeped my technique and ran with it. If you are a porn producer you can definitely appreciate making money from that otherwise useless footage. As a consumer you get to see that some times these big dick niggas can’t perform or that some of these hoodrats are clueless low I.Q. hoes. Every chick looks good getting fucked, but try to talk to some of these skanks and you get whole new perspective of the fuckery going on in amateur porn.

If you are into amateur ghetto porn I encourage you to check out and their other sites. Ghetto hoes are their specialty. Here’s a sample of their content:

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