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In this edition of Insights, we’re once again collaborating with for a second annual look at how Norwegians enjoy using Pornhub. Norway ranks 26th worldwide for traffic to Pornhub, even though it’s population places it at 119th. That works out to 19 visits and 158 page views per capita in 2016. As in most countries, Norwegians tend to visit Pornhub more between the hours of 10pm to Midnight, with Sunday being the most popular day and Friday the least.

The most searched for terms in Norway are “Norwegian” and “Norsk”, although “Norway” has dropped 6 places over the last year to now rank 14th. Searches for the game “Overwatch” and “VR” content have had the highest rates of growth over the last year.


The most viewed categories in Norway are “Lesbian”, “MILF” and “Teen”. In nearby Sweden and Denmark, “Anal” ranks as the number one viewed category, but only places 4th in Norway.


The most searched for Pornstar in Norway is Kim Kardashian, followed by Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann. As we discovered in our 2016 Year in Review, the same trio of talents are tops in popularity throughout most of the world.


28% of Norwegian visitors are women, just slightly higher than the worldwide average of 26%. 30% of neighboring Sweden’s traffic comes from women. The average age of Norway’s visitors is 38, which is slightly older than the worldwide average of 35. Most of that difference is due to 30% of Norwegian visitors being over the age of 45, compared to a worldwide average of only 22%.


The most popular search term for Norwegian women is “lesbian”, whereas men are more patriotic minded and search most often for “norwegian”. Proportionately, women are 1866% more likely to search for “romantic sex” compared to men, who are 332% more likely to search for “shemale”.


50% of Norway’s traffic comes from smart phones, compared to just 41% a year ago. Desktop use of 34% remains higher than the worldwide average of 28%.


On average, Norwegians spend 9 minutes and 27 seconds each time they visit Pornhub, just a few seconds less than the worldwide average of 9 minutes 36 seconds, but 8 seconds longer than neighboring Sweden. Visitors from Sor-Trondelag come and go 16 seconds faster than the national average, whereas Norwegians in Hedmark take 27 seconds longer.


Visitors from Oslo are 114% more likely to search for “tickling” when compared to the rest of Norway. In Hordaland, the “Interracial” and “Cartoon” categories are viewed over 30% more often. In Akershus, searches for “granny lesbian” are 222% more popular, along with “foot worship” up 239%. Visitors from Rogaland are 602% more into “pirate” porn, and enjoy a “facial” 175% more than the rest of the country.


In Sor-Trondelag, searches for “bondage” are 129% more popular, and the “Red Head” category is viewed 26% more often. Ostfold visitors are 262% more into “swingers” and 209% more for “smoking”.

We hoped you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Cover photo taken by Nils Tamlag with use under the Creative Commons License.

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