Saint Patrick’s Day – Getting Lucky

Whether you’re feeling lucky or not, St Patrick’s Day is always a fun time and that fun carries over to Pornhub.

Searches containing “leprechaun” increase by 1238% on March 17th, “shamrock” by 811% and “Irish anal” by 412%. Other Irish related terms that grew on St. Patrick’s Day include “Irish cougar”, “Irish Amateur”, “Irish lesbians” and “Irish creampie”.

The following chart illustrates the huge increase in searches containing “Irish” that occurs every Saint Patrick’s Day. On March 17th, they were 429% higher than on an average day.

Even if you’re not getting lucky, you can always find a bit of luck on Pornhub. Searches containing “Lucky” increase by 171% compared to an average day.

On March 17th, Pornhub’s statisticians found that while overall traffic didn’t change, the average time spent per visit increased by around 5%, indicating that people may be taking (or needing) a bit more time to get the job done. The duration increase is 7% longer for women and 4.5% for men.

Why the increase? It may be due to inebriated fingers taking a few extra attempts to find the videos they’re tasked with searching. Just as we found on previous years, misspelled searches increase on Saint Patrick’s day. Variations of “hentai” increase by 18% including a 31% increase for “hentia”. Searches for “lebsian” increased by 19% and “massagw” by 14%.

Thankfully our auto-correct feature is there to guide Saint Patrick’s Day visitors in the right direction — much like a timely Uber (but minus the 500% surge pricing). We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights, and best of luck to ye!

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