Saint Patrick’s Day on Pornhub

In honor of everyone’s favorite day to get lucky, Pornhub’s statisticians took a look at how Saint Patrick’s Day affects searches on Pornhub. After the results of our Christmas and Valentine’s holiday reviews, we were expecting a pot of statistical gold from Saint Pat, and we weren’t disappointed.

The biggest daily increase we found on March 17, 2016 were searches for “leprechaun”, which increased by a staggering 8825%. Considering that leprechaun porn does actually exist on Pornhub, that’s not so surprising since we also recently revealed that clown searches were a popular genre. Second up in search increases was “shamrock” at 7755%, followed by St Patricks Day at 6207% and Saint Patrick at 5116%.

Many of the top search increases were related to Ireland, with a 1644% increased interest in “Irish anal”, 1455% for “Irish cougar”, 1253% for “Irish creampie” and 866% for “Irish Lesbians”.

Related terms like “clover” increased 1124%, and even colors like “green” went up 506%, “green hair” 184% and “Irish redhead” up 608%.

The following chart shows how worldwide searches for “Irish” began to increase in the days leading up to Saint Patrick’s Day before hitting 584% on the actual holiday.

Searches for “Lucky” also grew by 163% on March 17th, but remained well above average for the next few days.

For some people, Saint Patrick’s day is associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Hey, we’ve been known to tip a few pints ourselves. It would seem that many Pornhub users share that interest, and after stumbling home will attempt to get lucky with some popular searches on our site.

Misspellings aren’t that uncommon, especially when users tend to navigate our site with only one hand — but we do find a particular increase in misspelled terms on Saint Patrick’s Day. On average, “Lesbian” misspellings increase by 20%, especially those of the “lebsian” variety. Cartoon is mistaken for “carton” 17% more than normal, MILF becomes “mifl” 19% more often, and Step Mom is searched 29% more often as “etep mom”.

Thankfully our auto-correct feature is there to guide Saint Patrick’s Day visitors in the right direction — much like a timely Uber (but minus the 500% surge pricing). We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights, and best of luck to ye.

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