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Following our recent Year in Review, The Scottish Sun reached out to see how Pornhub visitors from their country stand out. Scotland accounts for 8% of Pornhub traffic from the United Kingdom, nearly matching it’s proportion of the regional population. The most searched for term in Scotland is a rather patriotic “Scottish”, followed by mainstays like “lesbian”, “step mom” and “milf”. Searches for “British” come in at 6th place, and “British Chav” 10th. Searches for “JOI” (Jerk Off Instructions) rank relatively high in Scotland compared to the rest of the United Kingdom, as does “celebrity sex tape”.


The most viewed category in Scotland is “Lesbian” followed by “British”. Older ladies found in Pornhub’s “MILF” and “Mature” categories are more popular than “Teen”. As seen in our 2016 Year in Review, the “Ebony” category ranks 3rd worldwide, but drops to 11th place in Scotland. The “Bondage” category is also significantly more popular in Scotland than elsewhere in the world.


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is the most searched for pornstar in Scotland, followed by Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann. Searches for Kimmy Granger are much more popular in Scotland compared to the rest of the world.


Scotland has slightly less female visitors at 23% compared to the world average of 26% and the U.K. average of 24%. Millennials under the age of 35 account for 61% of Pornhub visitors, which is comparable to the worldwide averages for all age groups. Visitors aged 18 to 24 are slightly greater than the U.K. in general, with a slight reduction in the 25 to 34 age group.


78% of Scotland’s visitors prefer to view Pornhub on their mobile devices, with only 22% holding onto their desktop experience. Scotland’s 18% use of tablets is one of the highest percentages we’ve seen, although only 1% higher than the U.K. in general. Worldwide, tablet use only averages 11%. Scotland’s phone usage is consistent with the world average, so the lower percentage of desktop users corresponds to those who are using tablets.


Here’s an interesting albeit unsurprising fact. Searches for “Kilt” are 892% more popular in Scotland compared to the rest of the world. What are these kilt lovers looking for? “Scottish kilt” is the most popular related search, followed by “men in kilts” and “mini kilt skirt”. Some folks just want to see “up kilt” or a “wank in kilt”.


The average visitors from Scotland spends around 9 minutes and 43 seconds each time they visit Pornhub. That’s 7 seconds longer than the worldwide average and slightly ahead of the rest of the United Kingdom. Scots hailing from Hamilton come and go 25 seconds faster than the country’s average, while those in Inverness take an extra 22 seconds to get going.


The most searched for terms are similar across most of the Scotland, but we can see how regional tastes vary by comparing the relative popular of searches and categories. In Glasgow, searches for “homemade scottish” are 15% more popular compared to the rest of the country, and the “Hardcore” category is 14% more popular.

Visitors from Edinburgh are 82% more likely to search for “farting” and “55% more likely to search for “tickling”, while the “Indian” category is 18% more popular. People from Aberdeen are more than 500% more likely to search for “panythose” and love “feet licking”, “foot worship“, “toe sucking” and “footjob” more than anywhere else in Scotland. The “Czech” category is also 37% more popular in Aberdeen.


In Dundee “ssbbw” (or Super Sized Big Beautiful Women) are 431% more popular, along with “cigar” at 108%. The “Red Head” category is 18% more popular in Dundee. Visitors from “Dunfermline” are 75% more into “muscle”, 215% more for “bodybuilders” and 136% more interested in “wrestling”. The “Reality” and “Virtual Reality” categories are both 10% more popular in Dunfermline compared to the rest of Scotland.

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