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Thanksgiving is here to kick off the holiday season with family fun, food fetish and football. Before the festivities begin, our friends at Bustle asked if our statisticians can see how turkey day historically affects searches and traffic to Pornhub. As we’ve previously discovered, holidays like Christmas, Easter and even Halloween can have quite an effect on the type of porn people search for.

Based on results from 2015, we found that “pilgrim” tops the list of searches that grow over the days leading up to Thanksgiving – to the tune of +6214% above average levels. John Wayne would be proud, pilgrims. With winter snow well on it’s way and temperatures dropping like a pair of pants, searches for “winter” increased by +5821% and holiday shoppers looking for a good deal more porn “black friday” searches increased by +4233%.


Other interesting search increases included +919% for “nude cheerleader” (clearly a result of increased football airtime), +212% for “food fetish” and +527% for “turkey”. Our statisticians also found significant search increases related to the first Thanksgiving celebration with +608% growth for “pocahontas”, +460% “native american”, +227% Navajo, +70% “cherokee” and +46% “native”.

As the following chart illustrates, a lot of appreciation was shown for searches containing the term “thanks”, which grew by +658% on Thanksgiving day.


Searches for “Black Friday” were up +176% on Thanksgiving Thursday and remained well above average over the following week, although we think any day is a good day to enjoy some top rated ebony videos.


“Native American” searches increased +339% on on Thanksgiving day.


We suspect the +516% increase in searches for “turkey” we’re in relation to getting stuffed, and not to see videos from the country of the same name.


Travel, Time and Traffic

For most folks, the only traffic they’re concerned with over Thanksgiving is the vehicular type that’s holding them up from reaching their holiday destinations. Our statisticians on the other hand are following the traffic reaching Pornhub, which dropped across every state of the union on Thanksgiving day.

Pornhub’s traffic from the District of Columbia plummeted by -24%, followed by North Carolina down -20% and Virginia and Oregon down -18%. Some states still managed to find time for Pornhub while giving thanks. Traffic was only down -1% in Arkansas, -4% in Hawaii and -4% in Alaska.


We discovered in our Fappyhour study that Pornhub fans are pretty regular with their masturbation schedule. So a holiday like Thanksgiving can really throw off their normally scheduled program.

Compared to a normal Thurday, Pornhub traffic was 40% higher than normal at 2am, but dropped by -27% around 6am and remained lower than normal until 8am. From 8am to Noon traffic was up as much as +18% above average for those hours. We surmise this traffic shift is due to people not having to go to work on a weekday — so they stay up later and rise earlier in the morning.

After 1pm traffic starts to drop well below normal Thursday levels most likely as people are surrounded by their family and friends. The peak drop of 44% arrives at 4pm, and remains low until around 11pm when people finally get some time alone and head back to Pornhub – likely to watch Pilgrims and Native Americans stuff some more turkey.


Did you know that Thanksgiving isn’t strictly an American holiday? Our Canadian friends to the North also give similar thanks with their family and friends — but do so over a month earlier than in The States. Regardless the month, our cultural similarities and passion for turkey cross borders with similar traffic shifts happening on Canadian Thanksgiving.

After a nearly identical drop around 6am, we were impressed by Canada’s +38% traffic increase at 11am, but a much less significant drop of -14% from 5pm to 6pm. We surmise that the tradition of watching football in the states causes traffic to drop earlier in the day, while the Canucks have more time to kill while things are really heating up in the kitchen. At the end of day, all this adds up to a +8% increase in traffic from Canada on Thanksgiving versus a -12% drop across the United States.


As always, we hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. We’re thankful for our loyal Pornhub viewers, and we hope you will join us in giving thanks for all the wonderful pornstars who work hard to give us pleasure every day of the year.

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