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In the 2018 Year in Review, Pornhub’s statisticians revealed many of the year’s most searched for games and characters including Fortnite, Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption and more.

The first three months of 2019 have seen numerous new game releases, so our friends at Kotaku asked which ones sent gaming fans to Pornhub in search of the hottest new game-play and porn parody videos.

So get you’re joysticks ready, here are the Top 6 trending game searches of Q1 2019.

Apex Legends was featured in a recent Insights post, and even though it’s dropped from it’s February peak, there have been over 2.3 million Apex Legends searches so far this year.

Hot on Apex’s heels is Resident Evil, which saw a peak growth of 223% above average on February 3rd, coinciding with the release of Resident Evil 2. The franchise has been around for many years so even though the new release only caused a 223% increase, there have been more than 2 million searches so far in 2019.

Kingdom Hearts was released on January 29th, and saw a peak searches 927% above average on January 31. Searches have since trailed off, but more than 1 million searches mean it’s made a noticeable impact on fans.

Devil May Cry 5 was released on March 8th and saw a peak of 557% above average on March 12th, while clocking in over 600,000 searches in just a few weeks.

Next up is Metro Exodus, with searches 544% above average on it’s release date of February 22nd. Metro Exodus has since been searched over 240,000 times.

Finally we have Anthem, which was also released on February 22nd. Although ‘anthem’ is a general term that may appear in a variety of video tags and titles, the release of the game was certainly responsible for an increase of 242% above average on February 24th.

While none of these games have come close to overthrowing the reigning search champs Fortnite and Overwatch, we look forward to seeing what other 2019 releases will cause more search increases on Pornhub.

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