What Irish Women Want

The Irish Independent contacted us to see how Ireland’s female visitors to Pornhub stack up compared to their male counterparts and women elsewhere in the world. Ireland ranks 27th worldwide for traffic coming to Pornhub, and has seen a 55% growth in the number of female visitors to the site since mid-2014. On average, Irish women spend 10 minutes and 46 seconds on Pornhub each time they visit, which is nearly a full minute longer than Irish men.

The most popular search term overall in Ireland is “Irish”, but among women it falls to 8th place. The most searched for term by women in Ireland, and elsewhere in the world, is “lesbian”. Taking up the next few spots are “lesbians scissoring”, “hard rough sex” and “threesome”.


The most viewed category among Irish women is “Lesbian”, followed by “Female Friendly”, “Threesome” and “MILF”.


In the last few years, popularity of the “Cartoon” category has grown by 463% among Ireland’s women. “School” has also seen significant increases of 343% and “Pussy Licking” of 229%. Conversely, the “Uniforms” category has seen an 83% reduction in popularity, as has “Squirt” with a 72% drop and “Teen” with a 66% drop.


Women represent 26% of visitors from Ireland, matching to worldwide average but slightly higher than neighboring United Kingdom. The proportion of female visitors around the world can be found in our 2016 Year in Review.

65% of female visitors from Ireland are aged 18 to 35. Compared to men, the 18-24 age group is proportionately 13% larger (34% vs 30%). The 35-44 age group represents 16% of women, but that group is proportionately 14% smaller for women compared to men (16% vs 19%).


When compared to Irish men, women visiting Pornhub are 448% more likely to view the “Pussy Licking” category, plus 131% more for “Gangbang” and 119% more for “Toys”.


Compared to women elsewhere in the world, Ireland’s women are 121% more likely to view the “British” category, plus 75% more for “MILF” and 42% more interested in “Vintage” porn.


If you’re curious about Ireland’s broader porn preferences and regional tastes, please see our in depth Irish Insights post!

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