Saint Patrick’s Day – Getting Lucky

Whether you’re feeling lucky or not, St Patrick’s Day is always a fun time and that fun carries over to Pornhub.

Searches containing “leprechaun” increase by 1238% on March 17th, “shamrock” by 811% and “Irish anal” by 412%. Other Irish related terms that grew on St. Patrick’s Day include “Irish cougar”, “Irish Amateur”, “Irish lesbians” and “Irish creampie”.

The following chart illustrates the huge increase in searches containing “Irish” that occurs every Saint Patrick’s Day. On March 17th, they were 429% higher than on an average day.

Even if you’re not getting lucky, you can always find a bit of luck on Pornhub. Searches containing “Lucky” increase by 171% compared to an average day.

On March 17th, Pornhub’s statisticians found that while overall traffic didn’t change, the average time spent per visit increased by around 5%, indicating that people may be taking (or needing) a bit more time to get the job done. The duration increase is 7% longer for women and 4.5% for men.

Why the increase? It may be due to inebriated fingers taking a few extra attempts to find the videos they’re tasked with searching. Just as we found on previous years, misspelled searches increase on Saint Patrick’s day. Variations of “hentai” increase by 18% including a 31% increase for “hentia”. Searches for “lebsian” increased by 19% and “massagw” by 14%.

Thankfully our auto-correct feature is there to guide Saint Patrick’s Day visitors in the right direction — much like a timely Uber (but minus the 500% surge pricing). We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights, and best of luck to ye!

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Facebook & Instagram Outage

On March 13th, 2019 popular social media sites Facebook and Instagram experienced their biggest service outage ever. Beginning around 12pm Eastern Time, many users were unable to access the sites for up to 10 hours. The folks at CNET checked in to see if this outage had any effect on Pornhub’s traffic.

Much like we found during the YouTube outage in October, many users keep their fingers busy by heading to Pornhub while waiting for the SFW sites to come back online.

Immediately after the outage began, Pornhub’s traffic surged by up to 11% at 1pm. The increase in early evening traffic was even more dramatic, reaching as much as 19% above average at 7pm, already one of Pornhub highest viewing periods.

The increase in visits also caused a shift in the type of videos people were searching on March 13th. Perhaps unsurprisingly, searches for “Instagram” were up 323% and “Facebook” 221%. The next largest increase was “tentacle porn” by 308%, “wwe” by 274% and “game” by 236%. Other game related searches included a 97% increase for “Fortnite” and 133% for “Overwatch”.

Searches for “celebrity” were up 72% on March 13th, and many celebrities with strong following on Instagram and Facebook also saw large search increases. Compared to an average day, “Emrata” was searched 37% more often, “Ariana Grande” 32% more and “Shay Mitchell” by 29%.

“Kendall Jenner” searches increased by 25% followed closely by “Kylie Jenner” at 24%. The only male celebrity with a significant search increase was “Christiano Ronaldo” by 9%.

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Women of the World

International Women’s Day is March 8th, so our friends at Mashable asked us to take a closer look at what’s Pornhub’s female visitors like to watch. Women’s Day is about bringing women together, but this year the Insights team has decided to showcase how female porn viewership differs all around the world.

If you’ve read our 2018 Year in Review, you may already know that Lesbian is by far the most popular category of videos viewed by women, and in fact it’s 151% more popular with women when compared to men.

In some parts of the world, women favor a different category for their number one choice including Hentai, Ebony, Anal, Indian, Japanese, Mature and MILF. The following map illustrates how these popular categories tend to be focused in certain regions.

We can also see how female favorites vary by country when we look at the top relative categories — those being the ones that are proportionately more likely to be viewed by women when compared to other women around the world.

In the United States, women are 102% more likely to view Ebony videos and 69% more into Interracial. As you might expect, women in the United Kingdom are 474% more likely to view the British category, but they’re also 31% more into Rough Sex. Women in Canada are 36% more into Threesomes, French women are 103% more into Cuckold videos and Germany women are 165% more into Feet.

Women in Mexico are 95% more likely to view Striptease videos, in Brazil they’re 71% more into Transgender, in Spain they watch Handjobs 91% more and in the Ukraine they’re 277% more into Fisting.

Across most of the United States, Lesbian is the most viewed category, but in the Southern states women prefer Ebony videos. In parts of the West, Midwest and Northeast, Threesome videos are the most watched by women.

The differences become more clear when we compare the relative categories that women in each state are more likely to view compared to the national average. For example, women in Alaska are 110% more into Party videos, in Colorado they’re 41% more into Brunettes, in D.C. they’re 166% more into Smoking videos and in Kentucky they’re 66% more into Feet.

In Oklahoma women are 67% more into seeing Tattooed Women, in North Dakota they enjoy Cosplay videos 76% more, in Missouri they’re 25% more into Fisting and in West Virginia they’re 72% more likely to view Virtual Reality videos.

To further differentiate, we can look at the top relative search terms that have been entered by women in each state. Women compared to the national average, women in Montana are are 99% more likely to search ‘surprise anal’, Indiana’s women are 19% more into ‘daddy’, in Maine they’re 91% more into ‘gloryhole’ and in West Virginia they prefer ‘bdsm’ 23% more.

Some other standout searches include a preference for ‘Navajo’ videos in Arizona and New Mexico, ‘bedgasm’ is 52% more popular with women in Nebraska, Idaho’s women like ‘My Little Pony‘ 61% more, and ‘anime’ is 36% more popular in Kansas and 95% more popular in Wyoming.

In some states women prefer to keep things local. For example, in Maryland they’re 66% more likely to search ‘Baltimore’, in Michigan they’re 39% more into ‘Detroit’ searches, in Pensylvania ‘Philly’ is 309% more popular and in Nevada women are 11% more likely to search ‘Las Vegas’.

Our statisticians also took a quick look at how female porn viewership differs among women of different age groups. When compared to all other ages, women aged 18 to 24 are 81% more into Hentai videos and women over the age of 65 are 143% more into seeing Handjob videos.

  • 18 to 24: Hentai (+81%)
  • 25 to 34: Tattooed Women (+32%)
  • 35 to 44: Double Penetration (+29%)
  • 45 to 54: Mature (+39%)
  • 55 to 64: Vintage (+78%)
  • 65+: Handjob (+143%)

To learn more how women differ from men, you can check our our 2018 Year in Review. For events that bring women together, be sure to check our traffic changes during the 2017 and 2018 Women’s March. For a previous Women’s Day, Pornhub’s statisticians also took a closer look at Women and Tech to see how device usage differs among women when compared to men.

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Brazil’s Golden Showers

Believe it or not, this is the second time that a country’s President has prompted the Pornhub Insights team to take a closer look at Golden Shower searches.

This time around, it was Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro who asked “O que é golden shower?” while sharing footage of a man urinating on another during Brazil’s annual street festival.

To appropriately answer their President’s question, dutiful Brazilians headed to Pornhub, where ‘golden shower’ searches increased by 688% on March 6th.

As word of the gaffe made it’s way around the internet, our statisticians also found a 98% increase in worldwide ‘golden shower’ searches.

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Apex Legends Searches

If you’ve read our 2018 Year in Review, you already know that Fortnite was one of the year’s top searches on Pornhub. In 2019, Fortnite continues to be our top game related search with a daily average of 151,000.

But Fortnite may have some new competition from Apex Legends, which launched February 4th with no prior announcement or marketing. Inverse asked the Insights team if the new game has had any effect on Pornhub’s searches.

On February 6th we found just 800 searches for Apex Legends. A week later searches exceeded 10,000 per day and by February 18th our statisticians recorded a peak of 357,701 searches on a single day, more than double that of Fortnite.

In the days since, Apex Legends searches have settled to around 100,000 per day, but combined they have gone from zero to 2.27 million searches in 22 days.

The most popular Apex Legends related searches include “Apex Legends porn”, “Apex Legends hentai” and “Apex legends Wraith”.

Be sure to check out our earlier gaming insights like Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite Season 6, Bowser & Bowsette and Overwatch Brigitte.

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Sanremo Music Festival 2019

Here we go again with the 69th edition of the Italian music Festival of Sanremo! On Tuesday, February 5th, the first of the five-night run of the most famous Italian music events took place, hosted this year by Claudio Baglioni, Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio. 

So, we joined with our friends at for the third year in a row to check what happened on Pornhub.

The first night share was lower than 2018, and
this reflected also in the traffic change on Pornhub.

( Read in Italian )

Our statisticians discovered that compared to an
average day, Italy’s traffic started to drop shortly after 7 p.m., probably
because people were starting to prepare for the live show.

As soon as the festival started, the traffic suddenly dropped down, with the biggest drop around 10 p.m.(-5%) while Andrea Bocelli was performing. At the same time Ligury (the region that hosts the music festival) experienced a -8% drop. 

After that, the traffic began to slowly rise again to the average level and up to +1.5% after midnight, during the last performances of the night (Ghemon, Einar, Ex-Otago, Tatangelo, Irama, Nigiotti e Mahmood).

Although there may have been a fall, the traffic change has been lower compared to last year and is not even comparable to 2017: in fact, during the first night of Sanremo hosted by Conti- De Filippi, we experienced a -13% traffic drop!

The average traffic loss in Italy was around -5%, but taking a look at individual Italian regions, we can see that the one that experienced the biggest drop are the same as last year: Valle D’Aosta (-12%), Umbria and Toscany (-11%) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (-10%). Despite hosting the festival, Ligury is just at 6th place of the list. 

Versione Italiana

Come da tradizione, anche quest’anno vi parliamo insieme ai nostri amici di di cos’è successo su Pornhub durante la prima serata del Superbowl italiano: il Festival di Sanremo!

Martedì 5 febbraio è andata in onda la prima
serata della 69esima edizione della  kermesse, condotta da Claudio
Baglioni, Virginia Raffaele e Claudio Bisio.

Questo debutto del Baglioni-bis ha registrato un
calo di ascolti rispetto all’anno scorso, e il dato trova conferma anche su

Nel grafico qui sopra viene riportato
l’andamento del traffico in Italia e in Liguria: notiamo un lento calo già a
partire dalla ore 19, segno che gli italiani iniziavano già a posizionarsi
davanti alla tv per il festival.

In corrispondenza dell’inizio effettivo dello
show il traffico precipita di colpo, fino a toccare un -5,5% intorno alle ore
22 in corrispondenza dell’esibizione di Andrea Bocelli – calo che in Liguria
raggiunge l’8% – per poi cominciare a risalire lentamente.

Da mezzanotte in poi il traffico torna al livello medio e lo supera dell’1,5%  durante le ultime esibizioni della serata: Ghemon, Einar, Ex-Otago, Tatangelo, Irama, Nigiotti e Mahmood.

In generale, nonostante un calo si sia verificato, l’oscillazione è minore rispetto a quella avvenuta l’anno scorso in occasione del primo festival di Baglioni,  e non è paragonabile a ciò che era successo  nel 2017: durante il festival Conti- De Filippi il traffico era diminuIto ben del -13%!

Il calo medio verificatosi in Italia è del 5%.
Analizzando le singole regioni, anche quest’anno troviamo in testa come l’anno
scorso la Valle D’Aosta (-12%), l’Umbria e la Toscana (-11%) e il
Friuli-Venezia Giulia (-10%), mentre la regione che ospita la Kermesse, la
Liguria, si posiziona solamente al sesto posto.

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Polar VorteXXX

As temperatures dropped to record lows across the Midwest, Pornhub’s statisticians found record highs … in traffic coming to the site. It seems as more people were forced to spend time indoors, they preferred to heat things up by visiting their favorite porn site. Newsweek asked us to take a closer look.

Record highs happened in Minnesota where traffic to Pornhub increased by +22% above average on January 30th to 31st. Wisconsin traffic was up +12% and +9% in both Indiana and Illinois.

The one exception was the state of Michigan, where traffic dropped by -2% below average. This may be due to the shortage of natural gas which prompted Michigan’s governor to ask residents to turn down their thermostats to just 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius). Perhaps the temperatures inside were too low for people to risk exposing their extremities unnecessarily.

The traffic changes on January 30th and 31st were much more pronounced when we compare the hourly averages. Much like the changes we found during the Government Shutdown, more time at home caused an increase in traffic after midnight, and also in the afternoon when people are typically preoccupied with work. Traffic at 2am was up +29% in the affected states, as well as a +36% increase at 1pm.

These results were nearly identical to our findings during Winter Storm Stella in 2017.

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2019 Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl 53 took place on Sunday February 3rd, with the New England Patriots playing the Los Angeles Rams. In the end, New England defeated the Rams 13 to 3, to win their 6th Super Bowl. Super Bowl Insights have been a tradition at Pornhub since 2014, so Mashable checked in to see how 2019 stacked up compared to previous years.

U.S. traffic began to drop around 5pm, reaching -20% from 6pm to 8pm when it dropped as low as -23%. Immediately after the game ended, football fans making up for lost time headed to Pornhub where traffic surged +9% above average at 11pm. That’s a massive increase in traffic when you consider that 11pm is Pornhub’s peak traffic time in the United States.

If we look at the average state-wide traffic changes, Massachusetts and New Hampshire had the biggest game-time drops of -42% during, followed by -37% in Maine and -37% in North Dakota. The Smallest changes happened in Mississippi and Louisiana with only -2% and -3% drops respectively.

The average game-time traffic drop across the United States was -21%. That’s the lowest traffic drop we’ve ever recorded. For comparison, the 2018 Super Bowl saw a -24% drop, with the biggest change happening in 2016 at -28%.

As you might expect, the United States has the largest traffic drop when compared to elsewhere in the world. Canada saw an overall game-time drop of -10.2%, Mexico -8.1% and worldwide -7.3%.

Fans rooting for their home teams typically have the biggest traffic drops, but Los Angeles and California came nowhere close to fans from Boston and Massachusetts.

Traffic drops in Los Angeles ranged from -21% to -22% during the game, while Boston traffic reached -52% below average at 9pm. After the game ended, traffic returned to normal in L.A., while fans from Boston caused a +13% surge in Pornhub traffic from 11pm to Midnight, when compared to traffic on a normal Sunday.

It was much the same state-wide, with traffic reaching a low of only -21% in California at 7pm while Massachusetts traffic dropped by -52% at 9pm and surged +14% above average at Midnight.

As the following chart illustrates, Boston’s football fans are about as consistent in their behavior as their team is likely to appear in the Super Bowl. Traffic dropped a bit further in previous years with a -54% drop in 2017 and 2018, however the previous traffic increases after the game ended were much greater, reaching +32% in 2018 at Midnight and +28% in 2017 at 1am.

Our statisticians broke down U.S. traffic by gender to see if women were as likely as men to take an interest in watching the game (as opposed to visiting Pornhub). Which the timeline changes were quite similar, the peak drop for female traffic reached -17% below Sunday’s average, compared to a -24% drop for men.

Finally, let’s take a look at the search terms that increased on game day. As you might imagine, “Super Bowl” (and “Superbowl”) were on many people’s minds so their search popularity increased by 3341% compared to an average day. Searches for “patriots” increased by 3115%, and “touchdown” by 1880%. Cheerleaders were on A LOT of people’s minds, so the already popular term “cheerleader” increased by 179%, with more specific searches up like “football cheerleader”, “cheerleader orgy” and “naked cheerleaders”.

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Denmark Insights

Denmark ranks 28th worldwide for traffic to Pornhub, an impressive showing considering their worldwide population rank of 114th. The average visitor spends around 9 and a half minutes each time they visit, just a few seconds less than the worldwide average. Women account for 26% of traffic, matching the world, but less than nearby Norway’s 28% female traffic. The average visitor age is 3 years older than the world at 38 years.

Only about half of Danes visit Pornhub from mobile devices, which is much less than the world average of 72%. In neighboring Sweden, 69% of visitors are using mobile devices. Like most other parts of the world, Sunday is the most popular day for Danes to visit Pornhub, and more people visit between 22.00 and 23.00 hours than any other time of the day.

Much like other Scandinavian countries, Danes search more often for their fellow countrymen than any other terms. “Danish” tops the list of popular searches, followed by “Dansk”. Other popular searches include “lesbian”, “milf” and “anal”.

Like Sweden, “Anal” is the most viewed category in Denmark, followed again by “Lesbian” and “MILF”.

In the Capital Region of Denmark, the “Indian” category is proportionately 23% more popular than elsewhere in the country, as well as “Arab” which is 11% more popular. In Central Denmark, “Amateur” is 11% more popular. Along the Southern border with Germany, views of the “German” category are 29% higher than elsewhere in the country. In North Denmark, sex “Toys” are 22% more popular, and in Zealand, “Fisting” is 26% more popular.

While the average visit time from Denmark is 9 minutes and 28 seconds, folks from Zealand last about 18 seconds longer.

Demark’s proportion of millennial visitors (under 35) is smaller than the world average by 11%, but there are significantly more visitors over the age of 45 compared to other parts of the world.

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Government Shutdown Leads to Pornhub Traffic Increase

As the government shutdown continues, Mashable reached out to see if the downtime has had any effect on porn viewership. Pornhub’s statisticians noted not only an increase in visits to the site, but also a distinct shift in the hours during which people are watching porn. When compared to traffic levels prior to the shut-down, weekday visits across the United States were up 5.94% from January 7th to 11th.

Pornhub’s peak traffic period across the United States is typically from 1opm to Midnight (see Fappy Hour Insights).After the shutdown began, late-night traffic increased by up to 14% above average, while early morning traffic from 9am to 10am had the smallest change.

Those fluctuations are similar to other events (see Winter Storm Stella) when people tend to stay up later and sleep in when they don’t have to go to work in the morning. Afternoon traffic increased by as much a 7% above average at 1pm, when people would typically be at work.

Average visit time during the week increased by 33 seconds (from 10 minutes 37 seconds to 11 minutes 10 seconds), further indicating that some people have a bit more time with on their hands. Visits from women were also up by 4.2% above average (see 2018 Year in Review).

In Washington, D.C., results were similar with traffic after midnight up nearly 12% and early morning traffic down from 8am to 11am. Overall, D.C. traffic was up 6.32% above average the week of January 7th to 11th when compared to D.C.’s pre-shutdown averages. Female traffic in D.C. increased by 12.3% above average.

Speaking of D.C., our statisticians noticed that some category views have increased in popularity compared to pre-shutdown pageviews.

Are these the favorite categories of government workers?

  • Outdoor +71%
  • Threesome +66%
  • Old/Young +60%
  • Small Tits +57%
  • Squirt +54%
  • Solo Female +53%
  • Cuckold +49%
  • Trans +37%

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Insights! If you find yourself with some extra time due to the government shutdown, just remember that here at Pornhub we’re always HARD at work!

About our data:
Our statisticians selected the week of January 7th -11th as it was least likely to be affected by Christmas and New Years traffic (see 2018 Year in Review). The average was taken from Monday to Friday, because many government workers would already have the weekend off (so it would be less likely to show time-of-day changes). The pre-shutdown average (for comparison) was taken from the weeks of December 3rd – 7th and 10th – 14th so that holiday traffic would not affect the results.



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