Love These Hoes, Part 2

My presumption that adult performers are narcissist begs the question: If you get personal satisfaction from fucking on camera are you being exploited? The answer is hell yeah, and in my world (and yours) exploitation is a good thing.

I’m about to get deep. Deeper than a tall fat girl’s pussy. If you are looking for something to jerk off to, then please watch a thot video or click something on the side bar. If I still have your attention, thank you. Let’s dive in.



The simple definition of exploitation is self utilization. If I want to write a letter I can use a pen and paper. The mere use of those resources is exploitation. I literally used the pen and paper for my self benefit. Exploitation often implies a profit motive for the use of resources. I may use my resources, the pen and paper, to create something of value (art, maybe) and then sell my creation for my self benefit. You can apply the narrow or extended definition of exploitation to unlimited daily interactions. Let’s go deeper into this pussy.

Exploitation is the cornerstone of capitalism. It is the efficient exploitation of resources, including labor, which allows businesses to turn a profit. Think about it like this, your employer is not going to pay you the value you produce. If they did then there would be no profit for the owner. The employee gets a nominal value compared to the value produced. Let’s consider a pee-brain example. If you work eight hours per day for $8 per hour ($64) and you sell $200 dollars worth of hamburgers shouldn’t you get paid somewhere closer to $200 per day. Hell no! The difference between what you earned ($64) and the value you produced ($200) is the owners profit (minus overhead, etc…).  If your boss paid you more, then he would make less! You are being exploited. This is highly acceptable. It is the American way!

Let’s apply this discussion to adult performers, or any entertainer for that matter. First, as a consumer the fact that you derive a benefit from consumption is exploitation. It is self utilization. Just as you derived a benefit from using the pen and paper. Second, as a producer the performance creates a value to be sold for more than what it cost to produce. Just like value produced by selling hamburgers. Porn is a billion dollar industry. Adult performers are not making billions of dollars!

We’re In The Matrix

When I’m grilled or attacked for exploiting women (nobody gives a fuck about exploiting men) I frequently use The Matrix movies to explain how we benefit from such exploitation. As you may recall from the movies, the Matrix was initially a perfect world but the humans rejected the perfection. Human nature is driven by dichotomy (Good v. Evil), not monotony . We need adversity. We need something to motivate us to overcome and achieve. Put simply, we thrive when shit is fucked up!

We would all love to live in a world without crime. No murders, assaults, rapes, burglaries, etc… would be wonderful, right? Consider that there are over 1.1 million people employed in law enforcement in America. If all citizens got their shit together and there was no more crime you would instantly have 1.1 million people unemployed. Who says crime doesn’t pay? It legitimately produces careers and feeds families. We all have a role to play in society. We need criminals to create jobs for cops!

You shut down any industry in pursuit of perfection, including porn, and the ripple effect to the U.S. economy would be catastrophic.

Sexuality is part of human nature. We need it to thrive. Our need for sex creates the need for the sex worker. A lap dance from a thick ass Puerto Rican stripper may be what you need to satisfy your sexual urges. Others may need some pussy.

Finally, people tend to do what they are good at. It is often said that a great athlete has a natural ability. A scientific genius may have the ability to see the world in ways that the average person cannot. Some people may have an incredible sex drive and are exceptionally good a fucking. Let’s recognize talent for what it is. Let a hoe be a hoe if that’s what she’s good at. Exploit her talents as you see fit.

She Wants to Fuck?

Love These Hoes, Part 1

As a pornologist, there are two questions that I have been asked by friends, family and haters alike. The questions are: 1.) What type of woman has sex on camera for money, and 2.) How can you justify the exploitation of women?

Women In Porn

In a prior satirical post, Big Booty Models, Tricks & Hoes, I identified three types of women who you find in the porn industry. First, there is the Model.  This is a confident lady with a bad ass body who knows how to make money from her appearance. She’ll book photo shoots, may do some twerking, but she ain’t trying to fuck. Models use their good looks as a stepping stone to get where they need to be.

Thick Latina

Millian Bleu has a big round ass.

A Trick will do anything for some cash. She may only have one foot in the game, but if the money is right she’s all in. A Trick will be a stripper, escort and porn star for the money.  She has no fucks to give when it comes to making that dollar. She’s strictly pay to play.

Hoes love to fuck. Making money is secondary to getting that pussy worked out. A hoe will suck your dick at the club because her favorite song came on. If she’s a side chick she will fuck you and your boys without contemplation of consequences.  She’s fucking regardless!

It can be argued that neither class of lady needs the camera to perform their respective niches. A model can work that body to get what she wants from a man, boss or colleague without performing a sexual act. Her talent is manipulation and that can be mental or physical.  A trick can work the pole at the club without ever being recorded. Similarly, a hoe can just be a hoe without the video.

What’s the common thread that allows you to press record?

Narcissism is defined as an inordinate fascination with oneself, excessive self-love or vanity. It is also defined as erotic gratification derived from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes. In laymen’s terms, these chicks are turned on by seeing themselves or allowing others see them getting smashed, reamed, fucked or cum covered.

Why do women make porn? So you can watch them. So that they can perform an act that makes you desire them. A true narcissist is empowered by their ability to manipulate. It’s all about them. You may think you’re the shit, but only to the extent that she allows.

You can psychoanalyze the mind of an narcissist and you may determine that she is a master manipulator or a victim of abuse. The origins of her narcissism are irrelevant when she has your attention or when she is engrossed in vanity. When that red light is on she is at center stage.  It doesn’t matter if she is a thick black chick, whooty or BBW, she get’s top billing in porn.

I would assume that in her mind she is a commodity, a hot piece of ass, a porn star.

Read Love These Hoes, Part 2 for an honest view of the necessity of exploitation (COMING SOON)


Big Booty Models, Tricks & Hoes

In the mainstream we are taught that sex should be enjoyed moderately, if at all.  A healthy appetite for porn may be viewed as pushing the limits of moral conduct.  Actually performing a sex act with the intent of recording it for commercial purposes can make you an outcast.  Such a level of sin is worthy of being cast overboard into shark infested waters, or trial by social media!

Of course I don’t believe adult performers should be treated in such a way.  I am a porn producer.

I have often wondered why some women choose a life in porn.  As a producer and consumer I benefit from their decision to expose all.  After giving serious thought to this issue I have classified women performers into three categories: Models, Tricks and Hoes!

Now, before you attack me with the torch of misogyny, I am not talking about the horrors suffered by women who are pimped into the industry.  I am specifically making an observation of women who choose to be adult performers.

Based on my many years of experience as a photographer and video producer I have concluded the following:

Rayne 2(1)Models

A Model in the adult industry is typically a young lady with enough confidence in her appearance to take advantage of the opportunity to make money.  She may simply have a cute or pretty face with an average body that poses well for the camera.  She may have an extraordinarily irresistible big booty that puts dudes in a trance.  She’s the type of chick that has been labeled a video hoe in the music industry.  This girl has an ass that can induce hypnosis by twerking.  If the ass is proper most dudes won’t even look at her face and she knows it.  Most models I’ve met have been college students or women going through a transition in life.  She’s looking to make some quick money from her looks.  She’s not trying to fuck up her future by digitally memorializing her dick sucking skills or her ability to catch cum with her eyebrows.


A Trick is all about the money.  Fucking and sucking is just a payday.  Tricks have usually worked in different realms of the adult industry.  It is common to meet a trick who has several years of experience as a stripper or an escort.  Performing in front of the camera is just another way to make money when that stripper cash is slow.  Check your local online escort directory (Craigslist, Backpage, Eros, etc…) and you will find at least one Trick visiting your city this weekend.  They travel from city to city, usually following local events, conventions or celebrations, chasing that easy tourist dollar or looking for dudes tired of local pussy.  A Trick in the porn industry will know which photographers or producers to call when passing through a city. Porn is just away to cop extra money.


A Hoe loves to fuck! Making money is just icing on the cake.  I have to admit I love working with Hoes.  A Hoe will be fucking regardless of the presence of a camera or money.  That doesn’t make her promiscuous.  She may only be fucking her husband.  She’s fucking even if she has to turn her man into a cuckold (I call that reverse pimping) so she can get some extra dick in her life.  Hoes are the best performers because they love what they do.  They go the extra mile to make the scene just a little hotter.  After all it’s their reputation on the line.