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The internet has allowed all of us to access our favorite fetishes with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. Shit, you found The Butterwaters! That alone is testament to the availability of porn on the internet. Social media has increased accessibility ten times over. You no longer have to go to a porn site to see porn. Just search a social media site for the genre to gets you off and there it is....ghetto thot, pawg, whooty, slut wife, big black cock fucking white teens. You name it and there is content for your viewing pleasure. We don't give a cuck, but social media does. LOL. Anyway, here are some sites to jerk off to....

Free Porn

Free Porn Tube

We love pussy! We love whooties, thots and big booties. Slut wives on big black cock. Porn stars and local hoes sucking dick in unison. We blog about porn and bullshit because we love it. But let's not for get why we are here. It's all about the video. Long gone are the days of sneaking into the porn store and leaving with VHS tape hidden in a brown paper bag. Thanks to the internet all the slut fuckery you desire is available for FREE!


Thick Figures

We have the great fortune of living in a world full of bad bitches. Thick thighs and hips. Cornbread fed big booty black chicks, phat ass white girls, thick Latinas and chubby Asians. If you're more likely to reject a skinny chick for a lady with impressive muscle tone and extra booty meat, then Thick Figures is for you. Featuring models of all races and varying body types, Thick Figures is a NSFW site with tasteful nudity and plenty of ass.


We Porn Makers

We Porn Makers is a niche site dedicated to the finer things in life. Every broke dude out there dreams about what they would do if they came into a shit load of money. The top three acquisitions of the average man coming into cash are Bitches, Cars and Homes. If you look at pussy with the same lust as you do a Bugatti, then this site is worth browsing. Fast cars and thots are featured along side models, luxury homes and porn stars.



For some of us there is nothing more satisfying than leaving your cumshot on a pretty face. If this is your fetish or you like to see fat asses glazed with jizz or creampies, then NutLust is the site for you. Truth be told, seeing the money shot can be more stimulating when trying to rub one out that watching a slut give head or take it up the ass. Sometimes you just want to see how she responds to cum being dumped on her smiling (or distressed) face.


Thot Video

Who's that T.H.O.T.? You know, that hoe over there! It seems like every other year the streets are giving us a new way of calling these bitches "hoes." At the end of the day it really doesn't matter. A hoe is a hoe, and at we love hoes! is a tube site compiling some of the hottest, freakiest and slut worthy porn videos from around the web. With a focus on amateur ebony chicks there is also a great selection of slut wives (they hoes too) and other horny females.


Reddit – We Porn Makers

Spend any amount of time on social media and you are bound to come across porn. Reddit is not your typical social media site. It incorporates the ability to interact and share information with the traditional "bulletin" board reminiscent of the old days of the internet. On our subreddit, ( we have provide links to FREE porn. We encourage you to subscribe, vote on content and share links to what you think is hot!


Twerking Booties Compete

Big Booty Twerking Competition

Best Booty Club

If you love booty, big or small, you probably have your own system of rating an ass on sight. I know I do! It may be a simple acknowledgement of whether the chick is hot or not, smashable on a scale of 1 to 10, or maybe a comparison to some phat ass gold standard. At (yes, it is dot club, not com) we provide a fun lighthearted opportunity for you to rate that ass. Who twerks the best, a thotty with a petite set of butt cheeks or a thick dime with an apple bottom. Visit and you be the judge.


Searches Get Higher on 420

International “Weed Day” comes around ever April 20th, and is more commonly referred to as “4/20”. In many parts of the world, people get together and light up to show their support for marijuana legalization, or to simply light up and show support for having a good time. Those good times make their way over […]

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BikiniRabbit Video Channel

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