Thot Video: Hot MILF Getting Anal

Seeing a pussy squirt from a good vaginal fucking is always impressive. Seeing that pussy squirt from an anal fucking is extraordinary! That's exactly what happens when hubby puts his dick in his blonde wife's MILF ass. You can tell from the way her legs are comfortably pinned back that this is something this horny couple does regularly. As if seeing her chubby cunt wide open isn't enough, my dick got rock hard when the juices starting flowing from her pussy. I'm sure that squirt juice was enough natural lube to get that asshole open. Based on how she's sucking that dildo I bet this bitch could handle two dicks at a time. Wifey is a serious thot queen!

The Top Ten HD XXX Videos Last Week

Welcome one and all to another marvelous top ten list from PORN.COM. As with each and every Monday, we like to review our most popular porn videos from the past week to produce this top ten list and much more. … Read more » Source:

Belle Delphine Searches

When Belle Delphine promised to set up her own Pornhub channel if one Instagram picture hit a million likes, her fans came through and the picture soon reached two million. True to her word, Belle did create a Pornhub channel but put on her best troll hat and uploaded 12 videos that weren’t quite what […]

Shaved Pussy Latina for BBC

Movie Review – Snake Boogey

Snake Boogey is BBC digging down into some PAWG, Latina or exotic mulatto pussy.  It is also The Butterwaters’ title featuring phat ass white girl White Diamond, sexy Latina Elektra Caliente, and Italia Blue, a bi-racial thick booty cutie. The Butterwaters! is well known for production of high quality pro-am video and Snake Boogey is […]

Sex Robots for Women!

“Cum With Me If You Want To Live” Watch out guys, it looks like your replacement is already in the works as scientists are predicting that by 2035 male sex robots will be a common fixture in the bedroom. Equipped … Read more » Source:

JAVHD Video Channel

The JAVHD video channel is a convenient place to satisfy your cravings for Japanese girls. Here you’ll see impossibly cute Asian girls stripping, teasing and taking on one or more guys. If you truly love Asian cuties and the very … Read more » Source:

Urban Model & College Student

New York – Black College Student Models for Tuition

  The fruits of education are priceless. Unfortunately the cost of education is higher than a motherfucker. Strip clubs across the country are full of hoes claiming to be undergraduates. This young black thot, “New York”, is one of many pretty tight-bodied honeys exposing the booty to live the American Dream

Phat Ass White Girl

Phat Ass White Girls Twerking

You know the stereotypes.  Black women have thick bubble booties, Latinas are curvaceous and white girls have flat asses. Black women can dance and throw that ass on you in so many ways. White girls have no rhythm, but the head skills are awesome. I’ll concede that stereotypes are based on some level of reality. There must […]

A Blog for Porn and all it’s Trappings…Bitches, Cars & Cash! I can’t get enough of porn and thanks to the internet I never will. The best thing about that is that so much of it is free and available any time you want it. All genres and fetishes can be viewed within a few […]

Fisting Pussy and Asshole

Thot Video: Fist Full of Pussy or Pussy Full of Fist?

I used to think I was a nasty motherfucker. Cum on a bitch's face, no problem. Fuck her in the ass? I'm turned off by the idea of shit on my dick, but down to ream a thot anally or vaginally; no difference to me. I've seen way too much porn to be shocked by any act. However, I'm still amazed by the shit people get into. I'm not a fan of fisting but I am intrigued by anything a woman is willing to take up the pussy and ass. This particular video is fucking awesome. You don't see her face, but she definitely got the MILF body. I love older women. Especially when their freak meter is turned up. Any bitch willing to take a fist, wrist and a few inches of forearm into her cunt and her ass definitely rates high for freak-ability.

The Top Ten HD XXX Videos Last Week

Welcome one and all to another marvelous top ten list from PORN.COM. As with each and every Monday, we like to review our most popular porn videos from the past week to produce this top ten list and much more. … Read more » Source:

Burning Man Festival Insights

The 31st annual Burning Man festival took place in the Black Rock desert of Nevada from August 27th to September 4th. It is estimated that 70,000 people attended this year’s festival, and while there they become part of the temporary metropolis of Black Rock City. At the conclusion of the festival, Inverse asked Pornhub’s statisticians […]

Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview Searches

Stormy Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday, March 25th and searches for her name once again saw an incredible boost!  From 7pm to 8pm, searches containing “Stormy Daniels” were up to 2052% higher than during the same time period the previous Sunday. Pornhub Insights previously reported how Stormy Daniels news stories caused significant search increases on […]

Amateur Black Booty

Amateur Porn 101

The internet and digital recording has made it extraordinarily easy for the average Joe to become producer, director and porn star.  Adult content can be created and posted online for the world to see twenty four hours a day with very little censorship.  In fact, if you have a fetish for it there’s a good […]

Legs, Feet and Pregnant Pussy

Were Not Just a Nation of Booty Lovers! (According to PornHub) In Butts vs. Boobs I detailed PornHub’s analysis of their search data concerning American’s preference for Ass over Tits. Well their less than scientific study was not just limited to phat ass and nipples. In addition to T&A they analyzed the search queries related […]

Comic Con 2017 San Diego

The San Diego Comic-Con took place from July 20th to 23rd 2017. What began as a small gathering of 145 comic fans in 1970, has grown exponentially to become one of the world’s largest pop-culture expositions including comics, movies, horror, anime, collectibles and video games. It now attracts nearly 150,000 visitors annually to the San […]

50 Things Public Sex Education Probably Failed to Teach You

Hands down, the best thing about sex is fucking! Who can argue with that? Unfortunately, fucking and other sexual activity can leave you fucked up (no pun intended). I’m not talking about smashing the wrong thot and ending up with a crazy baby-mother. Nor am I referring to a lady giving the wrong asshole some pussy […]

Misconceptions About Porn

Due to porn’s provocative nature, people will always have misconceptions about the adult industry and most of them are sorely outdated and unfounded and are just ignorant knee-jerk reactions stemming out of some vaguely conservative Christian vendetta. Lately, the adult … Read more » Source:

Porn Star Mone Divine

Mone Divine: Latina Porn Star With a BBC Craving


Monet Divine 015 Monet Divine 021 Monet Divine 023 Monet Divine 105 Monet Divine 112 Monet Divine 252 Monet Divine 273 Monet Divine 288 Monet Divine 307 Monet Divine 315 Monet Divine 320 Monet Divine 355 Monet Divine 403 Monet Divine 419 Monet Divine 423 Monet Divine 446 Monet Divine 495 Monet Divine 536

Sexy, pretty, petite Latina with a phat ass; That's Mone Divine. Her experience in the adult industry is extensive. In addition to modeling, she has been known to take a big black cock up the ass and take a cumshot to the tongue. Straight ass-to-mouth (ATM) with a smile on her pretty face. See her get dicked down anally in Freaky's Playhouse.

Thanksgiving Searches

Thanksgiving is here to kick off the holiday season with family fun, food fetish and football. Before the festivities begin, our friends at Bustle asked if our statisticians can see how turkey day historically affects searches and traffic to Pornhub. As we’ve previously discovered, holidays like Christmas, Easter and even Halloween can have quite an effect on the type of […]

Porn Study

Your Brain on Porn

Does frequent jerking off to porn decrease your desire for, and performance with, real pussy? There are studies that suggest that masturbation does interfere with your ability to smash some real ass. It’s all summed up in this video, but let’s think about this critically. We live in a world where we want (and can […]

We Porn Makers, Ep.2 – The Cuckold Fantasy

Let’s discuss the cuckold. Why would a married man enjoy seeing his wife slayed by another man. I don’t understand it, but I do enjoy the fantasy of banging a married woman while her lame ass husband passively watches. In keeping with the show topic, the video review is focused on a very hot scene […]

The Top 10 HD Sex Videos From Last Week

Welcome to another top 10 list! Each week we evaluate HD porn videos from our video channels. We do this to brighten the first part of the work week and to look at new trends in XXX viewing. Our sex-crazed … Read more » Source:

YouTube Down, Pornhub Up

YouTube experienced a rare global service outage on October 16th, between 9:30 pm and 10:45 pm Eastern time. Mashable checked with us to see if YouTube’s disruption an effect on Pornhub traffic, and it certainly did. When you can’t tube, you fap instead! Traffic to Pornhub surged during the outage, reaching 21% above daily averages […]

Thot Video: Facial for a Cum Slut

I’m going to keep it 100% real. I love seeing a woman’s face getting cum covered. Fellas, if you agree please “Like”, “retweet” or share this in anyway possible. Ladies if you are the kind of chick that loves to catch a load with your face or doesn’t let a drop of cum go to […]

U.K. Traffic Changes During General Election

The U.K. General Election took place on June 8, 2017. Just as we found during the U.S. Presidential Election, anticipation of a government change can have an effect on daily traffic to Pornhub. When our friends at Metro UK inquired, our statisticians soon found that across the United Kingdom, traffic was down as much as -14% […]

Extreme Category Insights

Men’s Health asked Pornhub’s statisticians to look into the popularity of our more extreme video categories. It’s hard to say what makes a particular video “extreme”. What one person might consider “hardcore” might seem like perfectly standard sex to someone else. None-the-less, Pornhub has several categories that might be considered extreme, including the three we’re […]

Thot Video: Fat White Women Love BBC

As a young adult a popular stereotype I would frequently hear is that black men love fat white women or vice versa, fat white women love black men. Recently I was curious about this stereotype so I did a Google search for "niggas love fat white women." The search results produced a shit load of highly amusing foolishness and fuckery. I encourage you to run that search yourself. If you choose to look at the stereotype critically you may surmise that bagging a white woman is a status symbol for black men. If a black man can't get a slim blonde haired blue eyed Becky then a fat chick will do. From the fat chicks perspective a black man may be what she settles for because white dudes won't fuck with her fat ass. Look, I don't know about any of this low self-esteem bullshit, but I do know that fat pussy is good pussy and if interracial is your thing then fuck a fat wet pussy white girl. They can get the dick like all other BBW bitches. I love this video because 'ole boy had her face down and ass up as he reamed that ass. That's a great position for deep anal.

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2019 Greek Election

The 2019 Greek legislative election was held on July 7th, 2019. Voting is compulsory in Greece, so Vice Greece asked the Pornhub Insights team to see if there was any effect on traffic and searches on the 7th and 8th. Traffic on July 7th was down -8% in Greece at 12h (GMT+3), then rose steadily […]

Temptation Island Italy

After the last episode of Temptation Island’s 2019 series we decided to look at Pornhub’s visitor traffic from Italy along with Rolling Stone Italia, to see if this summer’s record tv program was enough to take people’s attention away from Pornhub. Read in Italian The show, which is very popular in Italy, now in its […]

Alien Insights

Thanks to a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51”, 1.5 million people have RSVP’d their interest in breaching the top secret military base in Nevada to find out what’s really been going on there. It’s hard to say if anyone will actually show up and defy the U.S. government, but Mashable asked if this has […]

New Zealand Insights

The New Zealand Herald asked the Pornhub Insights team to take a closer look at the viewing habits of their nation. While New Zealand ranks 125th worldwide for population, it pulls in an impressive 27th for traffic coming to Pornhub. New Zealand’s rank has increased over the last several years from 32 in 2017 and […]

Women’s World Cup 2019

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was held this year in France and in the final match that took place on July 7th, the US team defeated the Netherlands 2 – 0. The US women’s team won the cup for this eighth edition of the quadrennial international football championship. Journal du Geek asked our statisticians […]

New York City Pride 2019

New York City’s 2019 Gay Pride Parade took place on June 30th. Not only was the parade attended by millions, more than 150,000 people took part in the parade procession. So naturally when Gay Star News asked if the New York celebrations had an effect on Pornhub’s traffic, our statisticians were able to see some […]

Belle Delphine Searches

When Belle Delphine promised to set up her own Pornhub channel if one Instagram picture hit a million likes, her fans came through and the picture soon reached two million. True to her word, Belle did create a Pornhub channel but put on her best troll hat and uploaded 12 videos that weren’t quite what […]

Foot Fetishes

The Insights team has studied a lot of interesting fetishes over the years including Sweat, Wedgies, Golden Showers, Cuckolding and Feederism. We first made note of the popularity of feet related searches when we revealed Sneaker Fetish data last year. So today we’re joined by Refinery29 to dive feet first into foot fetishes. The number […]