Revenge Porn

You must be an exceptionally lame fuckboy to seek public humiliation of an ex-lover by displaying recorded moments of

intimacy on the internet. There is absolutely no excuse for Revenge Porn.

Adult content production has been a significant part of my livelihood for a long time. Therefore, I am always cautious of critics who seek to limit the proliferation of porn. As a producer I don't want anybody "taking food off my table." As a consumer I want to jerk off to a variety of smut and freaky shit. I include slutty amateur girlfriends in my selection of material to rub one out too. However, I'm only there for the fantasy. In no way do I want to see men or women publicly humiliated for my enjoyment.

Google recently announced that they will actively remove revenge porn sites from their search results.

Our philosophy has always been that Search should reflect the whole web. But revenge porn images are intensely personal and emotionally damaging, and serve only to degrade the victims—predominantly women. So going forward, we’ll honor requests from people to remove nude or sexually explicit images shared without their consent from Google Search results. This is a narrow and limited policy, similar to how we treat removal requests for other highly sensitive personal information, such as bank account numbers and signatures, that may surface in our search results.

Kudos to Google for taking such a stance! We live in a world where such an action is necessary. Unfortunately, the



internet is full of assholes who don't hesitate to hurt another human being.

In addition to my support for anti-revenge porn measures I think the true deterrent to revenge porn is caution. Ladies (and gentleman) don't let the idea or feeling of love allow you to consent to recording your performance. Think before you act! I'm not excusing the person who posts a consentual act nor the person who exposes a secretly recorded act. They are both deplorable.

If you consent to being recorded please keep in mind that the internet is forever (barring an apocalyptic event). That six second video of you twerking or catching a cumshot on your face will be accessible by potentially millions for years to come.

Please exercise "Thought before Thot!"


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Dick Riding 101

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A Porn Documentary

Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted is a Netflix documentary focused on the amateur porn industry. It attempts to capture the prospective of the "girl next door" who decides to venture into adult entertainment. If you give any type of fuck about the amateur porn stars you enjoy watching then this is a must see. Unfortunately, this film may ruin the fantasy sought by most porn viewers.

As a pro-am adult content producer I have a vested interest in the subject matter. In fact, for years I have been thinking of formally documenting the experience of the ladies I work with. I was hoping this movie captured what I envisioned. This documentary takes a very narrow view of the adult industry. It does not attempt to look at the bigger picture of amateur porn and those who choose sex work.

White Girl Privilege

The documentary features five young wannabe porn stars; Ava Taylor, Stella May, Ava Kelly, Lucy Tyler and Brooklyn Daniels. It is implied that all are introduced to porn via the internet and have responded to an employment offer by Hussie Models in Miami, Florida. All of the ladies are barely legal, which means they are between ages 18-21. Hussie Models manages girls who fit within the teen-fantasy genre. By focusing on one agency and genre this documentary fails to capture the full spectrum of the amateur porn industry.

I applaud the producers for not running with the stereotypical story of an abuse child who is now hypersexual and turns to



porn, which is an extension of her abuse. Instead the common motivator amongst this group of young ladies is boredom. Each lady entered the amateur industry with a "why not" attitude and strong need to escape their parent's home.

The majority of the documentary focused on the plight of Tressa, aka Stella May. She can be best described as an All-American girl. Petite, white, with no ass and mild acne, born and raised in a two parent household in Texas. She was a high school cheerleader before joining Hussie Models. Instead of going to college after high school Stella May chose porn as a means of leaving her small town. She even brags that one upside of porn is making it out of her shitty town!

Some of the ladies justified their career choice by suggesting that since they will be "fucking" anyway they might as well get paid. I'm not suggesting that any excuse offered by these young ladies is illegitimate. I will suggest that their naive reasoning is consistent with their age group.

By specifically focusing on white teen girls, who have other options in life, the film ignores the struggles of other barely legal girls who choose porn as a means of survival. When Stella May decided to quit after 3-4 months she went home to her parents and became a waitress at Red Neck Heaven. Not all barely legal performers have the privilege to return home to mommy and daddy.

Fuck You, Pay Me!

Hot Girls Wanted does an excellent job of documenting the turmoil the young ladies experience as a result of their choice to do porn.

Soon after joining Hussie Models all of the women begin to realize that the industry sees them as commodities, not talented young ladies with dreams and aspirations. One of the ladies compares her on demand sexual performance to rape because she felt as if she had no control over the direction of the sexual acts.

Despite their constant fear of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy these ladies reveled in the potential to make lots of money.

One girl bragged that she made an extra $100 by allowing a creampie. She stated that after the shoot she bought Plan B pills for $40 and pocketed $60 so it was not that bad. Once again naivete prevails.

Early in the documentary Stella May bragged about making $800 per scene. When she quit porn and returned home she acknowledged that she made over $25,000 in her 3-4 month career, but only had $2,000 in the bank. I'm sure by now that $2,000 is long gone. Fortunately, the internet is forever so we can continue to enjoy Stella May.

Who Gives a Fuck?

Overall I really enjoyed this documentary. I wish it would have featured older ladies (25-35) who are more adept at making adult decisions. I prefer to see ladies who fuck because they enjoy fucking. I'm not interested in teens making piss poor decisions. Unfortunately the industry prefers an ignorant demographic because it's part of the teen fantasy.

The lessons to be learned from this documentary are not meant for the consumer. This film was made for the young lady thinking about making porn. My only advice is before you jump in you need to recognized that you may not be built for this.

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How To Make Money In The Internet Porn Industry, Part 2

Adult Affiliate Marketing Is Easy Money, Maybe!?!

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn passive income. All you need is a computer and internet access to get started. Shit, if you are reading this then you've already paid the cost of entry.

Just in case you don't know what Affiliate Marketing is, here's a brief summation. Online businesses, such as Amazon and Walmart, will pay you a small commission on any purchase made by a customer you provide. When you sign up for an affiliate program they provide you with links. If a potential customer uses that link (e.g. banner) to get to the retailers site and makes a purchase you get a portion. That's affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

In Part 1, I mentioned that porn business is legitmate business. Just like your major retailers, porn businesses have affiliate programs that work the same way. You send a potential customer to a porn site, they spend money and you get paid. With so much free porn on the internet the trick is to find people willing to pay for porn.

Who's Paying For Porn?

The be honest, there is no way for you and I, sitting in front of a computer, to determine who is going to pay for adult video, a live cam show or buy a sex toy. That's impossible. What I will say is this: 1. People pay for what they want, and 2. The existence of a genre/niche is sufficient proof that somebody wants it. (If dudes didn't like fucking fat chicks you wouldn't have BBW porn.)

I also know that the quantity of free porn on the internet is but a small fraction of the porn available at a cost. If you don't believe me I challenge you to discover this fact for yourself. Go to all the major tube sites (for example PornHub, XVideos, Xhamster, and several others) and choose any category. A prolonged comparison of these sites for any given category will generally produce the same content. Of course there will be exclusives, but generally speaking you will run into the same clips. A viewer who is no longer satisfied by the repetitive free selection will become a paying customer. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell when someone will be saturated by the free shit. Most people are multi-niche consumers and will just move to another niche before paying to see more.

Earning Adult Affiliate Income Takes Time and Persistence.

Despite the wide spread use of the Internet, most people do not know how it works. People treat the internet as a resource to find what they want. They treat the internet as a tool for consumption, not a tool for marketing. This niavete has fostered the belief that if you build a website, post in a blog or social media, the flood gates will open and the world will be at our feet waiting to buy what you're pitching. Sorry, but it does not work like that. The general rule online should be, "if you create it nobody will see it!"



To make money as an affiliate marketer you must lead people to the program you are promoting. Keep in mind that most people aren't looking to spend money. They are viewing free porn. Once you get them to click the link or banner they must convert from user to buyer. It's not as easy as it sounds. I read in a popular non-adult blog that the average click through rate (CTR) for a Google AdSense account was about 2%. Imagine that instead of a Google Ad we are talking about your affiliate link. (Personally, I believe the click through rate is much lower for porn.) Let's assume your affiliate program pays 50% revenue share and the monthly membership fee is $30. You would earn $15 per paying customer. If you wanted to earn $1000 per month you need to have 67 customers.

You are probably thinking to obtain 67 customers you need to send 3,333 people through your affiliate link. Well, you are wrong! Although 67 is 2% of 3,333, the CTR is only for clicks through your affiliate link. It has nothing to do with the conversion of the people to paying customers. You could send 3,333 or more and nobody decides to sign-up!

Therein lies the great dilemma of affiliate marketing! Once you get them to the promise land how many will convert. Nobody can tell you that. Conversion, like any purchase, is extremely subjective. The good news is that clicking your affiliate link is a sure sign of interest in the product. Therefore, you can expect the conversion rate to be quite higher than the 2% CTR.

Let's imagine that the conversion rate is 25%. To make $1000 dollars per month you would need 13,400 visitors to your website. Of those visitors 2% or 268 have to click your affiliate link. Once they click trough 25%, or 67, must sign-up.

At this point you should be asking where the fuck am I going to get 13,400 monthly visitors to my website. Most people don't have the social media presence or marketing savvy to generate that level of traffic. The source of quality traffic is a subject of never ending discussion. I won't dive into it in this post. Maybe I will drop my 2 cents on the topic in the future. I will confirm that it is doable! I can assure you that you will not create a website on a Monday and generate 13,400 visitors by Wednesday. The Internet does not work like that! You must build a presence and doing such takes time.

There is an incredible amount of online content that deals with how to generate traffic. I don't recommend paying for traffic until you have a great understanding of how to generate leads on your own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It's not my typical rant about big booty chicks, but I enjoyed thinking about the topic. Let me know what you think. Leave a Comment below!

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You must be an exceptionally lame fuckboy to seek public humiliation of an ex-lover by displaying recorded moments of intimacy on the internet. There is absolutely no excuse for Revenge Porn. Adult content production has been a significant part of my livelihood for a long time. Therefore, I am always cautious of critics who seek to […]

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How To Make Money In The Internet Porn Industry, Part 1

The Game is Fucked Up . . .

I started producing porn in the DVD era. I'm talking way back when the internet was young. Upgrading to a 56k modem was considered high tech. Yahoo, Lycos and Alta Vista were the main search engines and Netscape was the #1 browser. I know you young motherfuckers don't know what I'm talking about. Basically, it was life without the blessings of Google and cable modems. Internet porn video was non-existent. If you were jerking off online it was to still images that literally took a minute to download.

Making porn money was easy in those days. Once you packaged your content you could literally sell it door-to-door to the porn shops in your city. You could also sell it on the streets directly to the consumer. The math is pretty simple. Pay a young thot, stripper or swinging MILF $200-$500 (depending on the content), sell your DVD to the porn shops for $5-$10 per copy and sell on the street for $20. Do the math and you will see that you don't have to sell a shit load of copies to recoup.

In my opinion, the demise of the amateur DVD market is similar to the fall of physical sales in the music industry. People don't buy music when they can get it for free. Nor will they buy a physical CD when they can download it in seconds. Nowadays, technology allows us to stream video instantly and the "industry" (via tube sites) is giving the porn away for free. I don't think I know anybody who has bought a physical porn DVD in the past 5 years.

The game is truly fucked up for the amateur producer. No more $20 hand-to-hand sales. I'm not saying you can't buy DVDs. There are still plenty of porn shops with stocked shelves and websites willing to ship physical copies. Unfortunately, I don't think the average porn watcher is trying to sneak into the porn shop when he can view free shit in the comfort of home.

. . . But There Is Still Pleny Of Money To Be Made!

Generally speaking, there are two ways to earn an income in the porn industry. You can be either a content producer or a marketer. Whether selling cars, pencils or porn someone is earning a living from manufacturing while others earn from selling.

Porn gets a bad rap for being about sex and/or exploitation. Don't let the mainstream media and conservative assholes fool you. Porn is legitimate business and operates by the same processes employed by other industries.

For example, The Pareto Principle, also known as The 80/20 Rule, is a near century old business principle which states that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. So, how does this apply to business and the proliferation of free internet porn. A variation of the 80/20 rule proposes that profitable gains can be achieved by sharing (for free) a percentage of your time or talent. We have seen this at work way before the advent of the internet.

The music industry provides single songs to radio stations (free to the listener) in the hope that you will eventually support an artist via record sales and live performances. A modern example of the gains to be achieved by giving is Google. Think of all the free shit they give (search engine, YouTube, etc...) to gain you as a user and potential customer. Spotify is another example built on the "free" model.

The amount of free internet porn pales in comparison to the amount of porn available for pay. There is so much free content out there that most consumers will be satisfied with what's available (like songs on the radio) and few will be compelled to buy. The fact that billions are spent annually on pornography, despite the abundance of free porn, is proof that the power of giving it away builds a loyal customer base.

Production Studio Income

If you are looking to jump in the game and make a quick dollar, then content production may not be for you. To make a steady stream of income from production you need a shit load of content. You are not going to produce one POV scene, post it online and make a living. It's not that easy. To produce a shit load of content you need to investment serious money into talent and tech (cameras, computers, etc...). Assuming you are willing to make that investment, what do you do with the content? How do you distribute your video online.

The two prevalent methods of distributing adult video for income are pay sites and video on demand services. These days creating a pay site is not as cumbersome as it used to be. Traditionally you would need to design the site theme (or buy a theme), acquire hosting or maintain your owner servers, and set up a pay wall through a third party merchant account for online payments. Nowadays you can utilize a content management system (CMS) that will basically provide the theme, host and billing for your website. The CMS will allow you to schedule updates and rotate content so you no longer have to manually update your site. I've never used a CMS service, but I like the idea of one convenient service for all your needs.

For a studio with tons of frequently updated, or rotated, content the income from a pay site can be very lucrative. As you may have seen, the popular sites typically charge $1 for a one day trial and $30 per month. Just like with DVD sales you only need a small amount of loyal customers to stack dollars.

For a percentage of the gross revenue Video on Demand (VOD) services will distribute your studio content on their network of sites. You do not need to host content, manage a website or bill customers. You simply create an account for your studio and send them your videos. The price you pay for such convenience is pretty hefty. The typical split is 75% to the VOD service and 25% to the studio. Most amateur producers I have come across will not take advantage of VOD because they charge customers only 8 cents per minute, which means the studio is only making 2 cents per minute. On its face that appears to be a shitty proposition. However, when you utilize VOD you are "paying" into a system of customers in waiting. These networks have a built in customer base and the internet traffic necessary to earn money.

Adult Affiliate Marketing Is Easy Money, Maybe!?!

If you don't have the cash to invest in production, but you do have the skills to generate sales, then Affiliate Marketing may be the best way for you to earn an income in the internet porn industry.

CLICK HERE to continue to How to Make Money in the Internet Porn Industry, Part 2

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Legs, Feet and Pregnant Pussy

Were Not Just a Nation of Booty Lovers! (According to PornHub)

In Butts vs. Boobs I detailed PornHub's analysis of their search data concerning American's preference for Ass over Tits. Well their less than scientific study was not just limited to phat ass and nipples. In addition to T&A they analyzed the search queries related to feet, legs, pussy and pregnant sex globally and in the United States. A picture is worth a thousand words, so lets look at the maps!


The map speaks for itself. If feet are your fetish then the middle-east is a hot spot for you. I hate to say that I'm speechless, but the PornHub analysis doesn't offer an explanation for the prevalence of foot fetish in the middle east. Considering how conservative that part of the world is, who could have imagined that dudes in Syria and Iran were beating off to feet or perhaps getting foot-jobs regularly. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Muslim women are covered from head to toe (literally) in burkas. Excuse my ignorance, but I imagine these burka clad women wearing a shitting pair of sandals which would make their feet extremely dusty and callous.

Who Loves Feet in America? CLICK HERE


This analysis is interesting because I don't know anyone in my generation or younger who is attracted to a woman because of her legs. Sure, if your at the gym and you see an extra fit chick squatting or going heavy on a leg press you may be impressed by the strength of her quads and hamstrings. Legs as the initial cause of attraction is unheard of in my experience. In fact, now that I think about it, I've never seen a porn dedicated to strictly legs. The attraction to legs alone reminds me of pin-up girls from the 1940's. The starlets of that era lacked as or just didn't expose it. What they did expose was their long curvaceous legs strong enough to snap your neck while eating the pussy. Like many other fetishes, the lust for legs is not evenly distributed throughout the United States.


America's love for Pussy is only second to the handful of African nations who love it more. Once again the PornHub analysis offers no explanation for the results. Your guess as to why Africans love pussy more than their global brethren is as good as mine. What I do find interesting is that Americans and Africans share a mutual love for pussy and butts. I would argue those are the best parts of the female body.

What the world thinks of pussy!?!


Now here's where things get very interesting! Although I'm well aware of pregnancy as a fetish for some, I could not have imagined its global appeal. Once again African nations outshine most of the world except for China and the Southeast Pacific Islands. What the fuck is that all about. You could make the argument that fertility (i.e. evident by a fully pregnant woman) is sexually attractive. I would think that the fact that she is visibly pregnant would take her off the market for fertility. I won't play naïve about the pregnancy fetish. I remember as a young ignorant ass adult I used to think that the best thing about a pregnant chick is that you know she fucks! If she took one cock then you know she'll take another...maybe yours!

Who's fucking pregnant bitches in the United States?

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Butts vs. Boobs: A Nation of Ass Lovers

Pornhub recently analyzed their user search data and discovered that Americans overwhelmingly love Butts over Boobs.

A cursory review of will lead to one definitive conclusion: We love Ass. We love phat ass white girls (aka PAWG or Whooties), slim thots with bubble butts, apple bottoms and thick ghetto booties. Size doesn't matter, but shape is everything. The rounder the better!

Whenever we find a study, article, think piece or any expression in support of our fetish we are compelled to share it with you. Pornhub is one of the top adult tube sites in the world. We won't run through their numbers, but will confirm that the popularity of Pornhub is undisputed. Their ability to extract data from their visitors is priceless! (FYI...They definitely are "industry" friendly. If you prefer amateur you will be better off on a variety of other tube sites.) Anyway, let's talk about some ass.

Globally, porn viewers from the United States, Africa (except Egypt), the Middle East, and South America (except Argentina) prefer butts over boobs. We don't want to read too much into that revelation but we can't ignore the ethnic realities of those parts of the world. The love of big ass in Africa and South America is a no brainer. There are plenty of latin and black porn stars whose sole claim the fame is the size of their ass. Of course, here in the United States we don't exclude white girls from our butt love. Phat ass white girls (PAWG) or white girls with a booty (whooty) get as much love as sexy thick Latinas and black chicks. In the land of meat and potatoes you are bound to produce phat asses across ethnic and racial lines.

A closer look at the United States reveals that only ten states prefer breasts over booty. In our unscientific opinion we believe that the preference for tits in these northern states may have something to do the homogeny of the population. Maine, Montana and the other boob loving States are overwhelmingly populated by Caucasian-Americans. For pure shits and giggles, we googled the 2012 Presidential Election Map to compare the Republican States to the Boob States. We were amused to find that 6 of the 10 boob states voted Republican in 2012. Of course this means absolutely nothing. At the very least you can argue that conservatives love tits. Maybe that's why they are hell bent on maintaining sodomy laws.

The Pornhub analysis extracted much more data than the Butts vs. Boobs information and we will bring it to you in another post. Peace Out...and go look at some ass!!!!

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Bang Bros Video Channel

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Revenge Porn

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Thot Video: Hot MILF Getting Anal

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Deep Inside: A Porn Industry Study

During my daily peruse of anything porn related I came across a very interesting study by Jon Millward called Deep Inside. Jon took a sample of 10,000 adult industry performers from the Internet Adult Film Database and extrapolated the data from his sampling. The fully detailed study is available on his website along with a cool infographic containing all the pertinent information.

The Internet Adult Film Database contains information on over 125,000 pornographic movies and demographic profiles of more than 115,000 adult performers and directors.

Before I parse the data I want to say that the Internet Adult Film Database only contains three of the dozens of titles produced by The Butterwaters. I mention this to note the exclusion of the hundreds, if not thousands, of Pro-Am content producers that are not counted by the mainstream adult industry. I’m not talking about dudes fucking their wives on camera and posting it online. The Pro-Am side of the industry is full of smaller companies, like Butterwater, that feature thots as well as porn stars!

Anyway, let’s dive deep inside (pun intended) Jon Millward’s porn industry infographic and review some of the most interesting facts.

Who’s Fucking?

Well according to the study Caucasians are 70.5% of adult performers, while blacks are only 14%, Latins are 9.3%, Asians and Other make up 5.2% and 1%, respectively. Now I know that the most ignorant of my brethren would argue that this proves that white girls are freaks. An honest look at the numbers indicates that the breakdown of performers reflects the population demographics of the United States. I’m sure there is more comprehensive data supporting freaky-white-girl theory, but not here; sorry.

In addition to race, the study gives a breakdown of the physical characteristics of adult performs such as height (average woman is 5’5″), weight (average woman is 117 lbs.), hair color (blondes are only 32.7%) and a bunch of other shit I won’t go into. You can look at the data yourself.

pornmapNot surprisingly, the majority of porn stars come from major metropolitan population hubs in Cali., Florida, Texas and New York. I don’t know what’s going on in these places, but I’m sure it has something to do with big-city living. I guarantee there is plenty of fucking in the corn fields of small town America. It’s just not being captured by the industry. Go to Clips4Sale or the amateur section of any tube site and you will find plenty of Cucks, Slutty Wives, and general White Trash fucking in a double-wide or farm house.

The average female performer is in the industry for 3 years (down from 9 years in the 1970’s) and makes an average of 19 films. The range of sex acts performed at least once by female performers include:

  • 87% take a facial
  • 62% do anal
  • 53% do interracial
  • 39% do double penetration (10% double pussy penetration and 5% double anal)
  • 31% swallow
  • 28% creampie
  • 16% squirt
  • 11% pee
  • 24% cum swap
  • 6% fisting

There is a shit load of information provided in the study, which you can easily view here, including most popular names, average appearance, top roles (teen, milf, wife) and much more.

I’m going to end with the most important information derived from this Deep Inside study. As an Ass-Man, I am proud to say that for the past 20 years “Butts” have out sold “Boobs” by a continuous wide margin. I’m just saying!


Butt sales v. Boob sales of porn movies

Butt sales v. Boob sales of porn movies

Black MILF Pussy

Big Booty Blacks and Latinas

Big Booty Blacks and Latinas

I was going through my video files and came across some footage of a 40 something year old black woman I met on Craigslist. She was your average freaky single black mom sex fiend with a fat ass. To be blunt, this bitch loves to fuck and fuck often. What impressed me about this single mom was her above average clit. It was so huge that it actually looked like a baby dick; no lie. You can watch the video at the bottom on this page.

Watching her play with her pussy and clit made me think about all the porn stars I used to want to fuck (before I got into the porn business). When I was your average consumer buying VHS tapes and DVD’s (before the internet) I was a fan of a short list of ladies. The chicks I used to beat off too regularly include Nina Hartly, Purple Passion, Angel Kelly, Sinnamon Love, Janet Jacme and Ebony Ayes. As you can probably tell from the names on the list I’ve been watching porn for a very long time. Although I don’t know the ages of each of these ladies it is safe to say that they currently would fall into the MILF or cougar category.

Several years ago Complex magazine compiled a list of the 50 hottest black porn stars of all time. The list covers decades of porn talent, including some of my favorite black porn stars. If you haven’t seen these ladies in action I recommend that you look them up. The entire list is not worth reviewing, but if you are looking for some bad ass old bitches you should check out these black MILFs:

    1. Jeannie Pepper: Jeannie Pepper is a legend. The first African American porn star to be inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, Jeannie debuted in skin flicks back in 1984 and her iconic status saw her get pulled out of retirement 20+ years later. Boasting some tantalizing tig ol’ bitties, this deep throat specialist always brought a sense of fun to her many scenes. A pretty good actress she even had a bit part in the Jon Lovitz comedy High School High in 1996. All porn starlets could learn something from Ms. Pepper.
    2. Janet Jacme: To all the old school connoisseurs of black adult entertainment Janet Jacme is an institution. The voluptuous former hairdresser got into the biz through her one-time boyfriend Julian St. Jox, but it was her untamed horniness that got her through a stellar career that made her an icon. (She was, of course, immortalized on Lil’ Kim’s “Big Momma Thang”: “I used to be scared of the dick/Now I throw lips to the shit/Handle it like a real bitch/Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme.”) Known for excelling at doggystyle and shying away from girl-girl action, Janet was able to call her own shots due to her skyrocketing popularity that exists to this day.
    3. Sinnamon Love: As she approaches almost 20 years in the industry and well over 200 scenes shot, Sinnamon Love is a study in reinvention and determination. She has constantly worked at keeping herself getting booked and has delved into almost every fetish fantasy you can imagine, including being a dominatrix away from the cameras. Her longevity is mind boggling but not surprising as Sinnamon had the will to beat cancer. Sinnamon was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. She earned it
    4. Ebony Ayes: Often credited as being the first black female porn superstar, Ebony Ayes began her historic rise in smutland back in 1985 during a time when the industry had made an explosive transition from film to home video. Despite her fame, the busty beauty with DSLs encountered what she felt were racist practices, like only being paid half of what white counterparts made, which made her cut her film career short. She reportedly quit making movies full time and became a dominatrix (her previous stint in the Army probably toughened her up for the job) before eventually disappearing from the public eye. All we can say is thanks for the mammaries, Ms. Ayes.

If you have at any interest in ebony porn then there’s a good chance that you rubbed one out to at least one of the 50 ladies on the list. I highlighted some of the old-heads above, but list includes plenty of current industry thots such as Roxy Reynolds, Cherokee D’Ass and Pinky.

Finally, I have to mention that I had the privilege of working with two of hottest bitches on this list.

  • Strokahontas: Rocking nerdy glasses, pierced nipples, blue eye shadow and a pseudonym you don’t hear every day, Strokahontas started her sinful ways on digital looking like a bookworm turned stripper. But there’s really nothing shy, timid or quiet to this titillating tramp when it comes to bumpin’ uglies. Although she’s a great lay, her best secret weapon might be her wonderful ability to get facialized. She is featured in The Butterwaters: Volume Two.
  • Mone Divine: All Mone Divine does is bring 110% erotic emotion every time she blazes up a porn set. Despite all her filthy and fulfilling efforts the last eight years or so, she has worked, for the most part, in the shadows of her more famous costars. For a thick girl, she is damn near gymnastic with her moves and is one hell of ride or die chick, if you know what we mean. The slight gap in her teeth only adds to her flirty appeal. Mone is without a doubt one of black porn’s unsung performers. She is featured in Freaky’s Playhouse.

Oh yeah, here’s that Big Black Clit video:


Nasty New York Amateurs


I started producing because I couldn’t find the type of porn I was looking for. At the time, my preference was for big booty chicks. It didn’t matter if the lady was white, black, latina or other as long as the ass was thick. I was tired of the bullshit coming out of L.A. You know the typical West Coast Production. A guy is cruising by and picks up a random young thot at a bus stop. He takes her back to the crib and she proceeds to do what thots do. We’ve seen this scenario thousands of times, literally. I wanted true amateur porn. Real around-the-way bitches fucking real niggas. That was hard to find before broadband internet exploded. is a truly authentic amateur ghetto porn website. The content is 100% exclusive real niggas fucking real bitches.

Nasty NY Amateurs

Nasty New York Amateurs

I like big girls. I love seeing big girls smashed. If you like seeing an amateur BBW getting the full ghetto whore treatment then you must visit The site is not marketed as a BBW site, but the overwhelming majority of the content features plus sized broads. I don’t know if this is intentional. I was born and raised in The Bronx and lived in Brooklyn for many years. I know that there are just as many slim or thick chicks as there are fat girls. I have to say that the lack of body type diversity is the only downside of this site.

The slutting and fucking is official! These dudes truly know how to treat a hoe like a hoe and turn out a amateur chick. I don’t know if the producers are staking out strip clubs or pulling bitches from the block. They have a good eye for picking real hoe chicks. No shy bitches scared to suck dick, no lame broads who don’t want to do anal. None of that hesitant shit. These amateur ladies suck dick and take it up the ass like they’re making career moves.

The quality of the video is excellent for an amateur site. I have never seen a poorly lit scene from The scenes are shot in a real apartment, not a shitty hotel. The cameraman does a good job of getting the money shots. Whether creampie or facial every cumshot is captured.

The producers of are seriously grinding in the amateur porn genre. In addition to their flagship site they have several niche sites. Distinguishing one site from another is not always clear. The content looks the same. There’s no way for me to know if these sites are profitable, but you can tell that they love what they do. Here’s a break down of additional sites:

“Amateur blow jobs from the streets of New York. From the streets to there (sic) knee’s, we put there jaws to the test. is all about that oral satisfaction. Finding hoes, and getting them to suck dick.”

The synopsis is straight forward. It’s a blow job site. Just like the ladies tend to be on the heavier side, but that’s ok! Watch a few preview clips and you’ll see that the head skills are on point.

Ghetto Amateur Porn

“Nymphos come in all shapes and sizes.”

I’m not sure why the amateur content on this site is different from what is on their main site. I can only assume that they pull so many bitches that they can’t put all the content on nastynyamateurs!

“Where All Girls Get Fucked. BBW, Slim, Thick, Tall, Short or Small, We Fuck Them All.”

Great content. Plenty of fat chicks. Again, I’m not sure why this is different from, but I’m not complaining.

“Where it’s all about 2 or more hoes suckin’ on some hard dick.”

Ok, who doesn’t want their dick sucked by two bitches! I’m down, but seems like they could have just put this on Seems like another case of having so much content you have to create another site. Definitely a product of that hard grind.

“Busted booties, psycho hoez, bloopers, limp dicks, exposed hoez. 100% raw uncut amateur footage.”

I love this type of shit. I personally have tons of behind the scenes footage that I have spun through the years to make more money from my content. I always have an additional camera to catch extra footage at my shoots.  This site looks like they peeped my technique and ran with it. If you are a porn producer you can definitely appreciate making money from that otherwise useless footage. As a consumer you get to see that some times these big dick niggas can’t perform or that some of these hoodrats are clueless low I.Q. hoes. Every chick looks good getting fucked, but try to talk to some of these skanks and you get whole new perspective of the fuckery going on in amateur porn.

If you are into amateur ghetto porn I encourage you to check out and their other sites. Ghetto hoes are their specialty. Here’s a sample of their content:

Love These Hoes, Part 2

My presumption that adult performers are narcissist begs the question: If you get personal satisfaction from fucking on camera are you being exploited? The answer is hell yeah, and in my world (and yours) exploitation is a good thing.

I’m about to get deep. Deeper than a tall fat girl’s pussy. If you are looking for something to jerk off to, then please watch a thot video or click something on the side bar. If I still have your attention, thank you. Let’s dive in.



The simple definition of exploitation is self utilization. If I want to write a letter I can use a pen and paper. The mere use of those resources is exploitation. I literally used the pen and paper for my self benefit. Exploitation often implies a profit motive for the use of resources. I may use my resources, the pen and paper, to create something of value (art, maybe) and then sell my creation for my self benefit. You can apply the narrow or extended definition of exploitation to unlimited daily interactions. Let’s go deeper into this pussy.

Exploitation is the cornerstone of capitalism. It is the efficient exploitation of resources, including labor, which allows businesses to turn a profit. Think about it like this, your employer is not going to pay you the value you produce. If they did then there would be no profit for the owner. The employee gets a nominal value compared to the value produced. Let’s consider a pee-brain example. If you work eight hours per day for $8 per hour ($64) and you sell $200 dollars worth of hamburgers shouldn’t you get paid somewhere closer to $200 per day. Hell no! The difference between what you earned ($64) and the value you produced ($200) is the owners profit (minus overhead, etc…).  If your boss paid you more, then he would make less! You are being exploited. This is highly acceptable. It is the American way!

Let’s apply this discussion to adult performers, or any entertainer for that matter. First, as a consumer the fact that you derive a benefit from consumption is exploitation. It is self utilization. Just as you derived a benefit from using the pen and paper. Second, as a producer the performance creates a value to be sold for more than what it cost to produce. Just like value produced by selling hamburgers. Porn is a billion dollar industry. Adult performers are not making billions of dollars!

We’re In The Matrix

When I’m grilled or attacked for exploiting women (nobody gives a fuck about exploiting men) I frequently use The Matrix movies to explain how we benefit from such exploitation. As you may recall from the movies, the Matrix was initially a perfect world but the humans rejected the perfection. Human nature is driven by dichotomy (Good v. Evil), not monotony . We need adversity. We need something to motivate us to overcome and achieve. Put simply, we thrive when shit is fucked up!

We would all love to live in a world without crime. No murders, assaults, rapes, burglaries, etc… would be wonderful, right? Consider that there are over 1.1 million people employed in law enforcement in America. If all citizens got their shit together and there was no more crime you would instantly have 1.1 million people unemployed. Who says crime doesn’t pay? It legitimately produces careers and feeds families. We all have a role to play in society. We need criminals to create jobs for cops!

You shut down any industry in pursuit of perfection, including porn, and the ripple effect to the U.S. economy would be catastrophic.

Sexuality is part of human nature. We need it to thrive. Our need for sex creates the need for the sex worker. A lap dance from a thick ass Puerto Rican stripper may be what you need to satisfy your sexual urges. Others may need some pussy.

Finally, people tend to do what they are good at. It is often said that a great athlete has a natural ability. A scientific genius may have the ability to see the world in ways that the average person cannot. Some people may have an incredible sex drive and are exceptionally good a fucking. Let’s recognize talent for what it is. Let a hoe be a hoe if that’s what she’s good at. Exploit her talents as you see fit.