Dick Riding 101

Dick Riding 101

Practice makes perfect!

This cornball cliché’ is true whether you are pitching a ball or sucking dick. Some people are naturally gifted while the rest of us have to work on it. What’s important is the willingness to learn and/or sharpen your skills. The true challenge is finding a source to learn from. Thank god the internet is full of sex-perts and everyday thots with skills to share.

During my daily grind for all things fucker-erific I came across a Tumblr post which is an excellent primer on riding dick. Because there is no way for me to properly summarize this lesson, here is the post in it’s entirety. Shout out to it’s author chokesngags.

Anonymous asked:

So hey do you have any tips for riding dick?

chokesngags answered:

That’s one thing I can say porn has kinda taught me. Back in the day I was super shy about riding dick. It’s one thing to take the strokes from a dude but when you’re on top, you might as well be on stage with a spotlight on you. He’s looking right at you, your face, your tits, your hips, everything. Not that men can’t assist with movement in that position, but it’s your time to shine! Move in various ways that will really show him how great your pussy feels:

  • Put your hands together on his chest/tummy, straighten your arms and just bounce that ass girl. Lift your hips off him a bit and put your weight on your hands and feel that dick moving in and out of you. Raise your ass up as high as possible even, so that it aaaaalmost slips out but doesn’t, right at the tip.
  • Bounce straight up and down. When I do this, I like to spread my ass apart. That way I’m getting all the dick and he’s getting every centimeter of this pussy. If you do this in reverse it’s a dope view for him.
  • Lean forward and lay on his chest but across his shoulder and move your hips up and down but maybe a little faster. For me, this is one of the quickest way to make a guy cum on top. Leaned over and moving my ass at a quick pace. With you leaning in that direction he’ll see them cheeks moving all witcha ways too. Win.
  • No bouncing. Just grinding. If you just grind hard, back and forth, back and forth, he will be able to feel deep inside of you. Honestly, if you can’t really handle all of him, this may not be for you. You’re likely to feel him damn near in your tummy if he’s really packing. This is one of the best ways to make me squirt. Sometimes the build up is so overwhelming I can hardly keep going. Usually the guy realizes this is some dope shit that’s happening on his dick and he’ll grab my hips and push and pull me til I cum. Teamwork.
  • Turn around! Riding reverse can take the awkwardness out of looking directly at someone or weird eye contact. Plus this way he’s got a great view of his dick sliding in and out of you. You can do the same moves in this position but be mindful of the way his dick lays. If his dick lays in any other direction but downward, it may slip out easy when you lean forward. Just something to consider.
  • I know damn well I’m not the only woman who gets winded than a motherfucker on the dick. My thighs be sca-reeeeeeeaaaaming but I just do my damnest to keep keeping on; especially when I reeeeeally want this dude to cum. Using his body as leverage can help you out A LOT. When you’re facing him, lean on his chest, tummy, shoulders. In reverse, it’s awesome to use his legs. Tell him to put his legs together, grab his ankles or shins and let that ass fly high. You’ll be putting some weight on him and it’ll relieve some of the strain on your lower half.
  • Lean back! While reverse, lean backward with your hands on his chest or have him grab you by the arms and push yourself off of him, up and down. This is exhausting position but it used to my make a certain someone bust with the quickness:)

I don’t think I’m a killer rodeo dick rider but I’ve never gotten a complaint and I like to think I know what I’m kinda doing on it! Feel your damn self while you’re on that thang and know you’re doing a kick ass job. No dude wants some bashful bitch on his dick. Period. Confidently slide that man between your walls because you know you look good and feel good.