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It’s been a few years since we took an in depth look at the porn habit’s of Estonia, so got in touch with us for a 2017 update. Although the country of Estonia ranks 88th for worldwide traffic to Pornhub, that’s far ahead of their population rank of 154th. Estonians spend on average 9 minutes 26 seconds on Pornhub, which is 10 seconds longer than the worldwide average. 31% of visitors are women, which is significantly higher than the 26% worldwide.

The average age is 36 years, matching the world average, and more visitors come on Sundays than any other day, especially compared to Fridays which sees the least number of Estonian visitors. One area where Estonia differs quite drastically from the world is in the number of visitors using mobile devices — only 49% compared to a worldwide average 72% mobile.

As in many countries like Norway, Scotland and Argentina, Estonians like to search most often for videos featuring their fellow citizens, with “estonian” being the number one search term, and “estonia” taking 7th place. Other popular searches include “step mom”, “lesbian” and “mom”. Searches for the video game “overwatch” rank third, following the worldwide trend we discovered in our 2016 Year in Review.

The most viewed video category in Estonia is “anal”, followed closely by “Lesbian” and “MILF”. Videos featuring older pornstars in the “mature” category, just slightly outrank younger performers in the 18+ “teen” category.

When compared to the rest of the world, Estonians are proportionately 453% more likely to view the “Russian” category, 88% more likely to view “Fisting” and 82% more for “Czech” videos.

As in most of the world, Kim Kardashian is the most searched for pornstar in Estonia, narrowly beating out Mia Khalifa.

While the average Estonian spends 9 minutes and 26 seconds on Pornhub, visitors from some cities spend significantly more or less time on the site. In Torva, visitors come and go 44 seconds faster, but in Viljandi they take 34 seconds longer.

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Cover artwork by Martin Koitmäe and sourced from Wikipedia Creative Commons.

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